It’s the (old) new fragrance- Avon’s Sweet Honesty

*I bought this with my own money because I’m a real person and can relate to you.  Please be wary of people who only review or speak about products that they receive for free!*

I’m going to ask everyone a question.  What was your favorite scent growing up? I mean your favorite….not necessarily one that you went through phases with. I mean THE fragrance.

Personally speaking, I remember being particularly interested in fragrance when I was in Junior High.  I went through the gamit- Avon solid perfumes in little pins that went onto your clothes, Designer imposter sprays, exclamation, Electric Youth (any Debbie Gibson fans around?). Then I ‘graduated’ to Liz Claiborne, and then went through a ‘Paul Sebastian’ phase (Design & Casual were my favorites).  Then I had a friend whose mom sold Mary Kay so I gravitated towards all of those fragrances, and switched skincare.  Fast forward to today, I have a wide range of fragrance-and I tend to search out ones that everyone is NOT wearing.  To clarify, if I see ‘influencers’ talking about a fragrance at the same time on any social media platform (meaning they have all received from a PR company basically at the same time), then I will NOT buy it.  More on my opinions on influencers, marketing, and ‘free thought’ later.

This past November/December, Avon did something that really impressed me.  They rolled out a retro campaign for Christmas and the holiday season. I was completely taken by almost everything (and a bit melancholy, as that campaign really drove home that I am being placed into the ‘old’ category).  One of the things I was especially happy about was their ‘bundle’ pricing on their “classic” fragrances.  The pricing for an entire set (cologne, deodorant, fragranced skin softener) was under $20CAD.  So I picked up the Sweet Honesty set, because in my mind, that’s the one that I really remember liking. I was NOT disappointed and have been wearing this non-stop since I got it.

From Avon:

Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray is a flirty, floral fragrance that you’ll definitely fall in love with. This innocent, feminine scent is a bouquet blooming with flowers kissed by top notes of honey. It blends perfectly with vibrant yet calming notes of citrus and vanilla. Bottom notes of warm woods make this perfume one people will love and you’ll love to wear. Sweet Honesty Cologne Spray comes in a 1.7 fl oz bottle.

• Vanilla and citrus calm and soothe your mood
• Floral notes awaken the senses and freshen your body and your day

• Top Notes: floral aldehydes, fresh citrus
• Middle Notes: jasmine, rose, geranium, lily of the valley, sweet honey
• Bottom Notes: benzoin, sandalwood, vanilla, musk


Based on the notes, this isn’t something that I would grab-mainly because of the middle notes-lily of the valley, rose, and jasmine are not scents I typically gravitate to.  However, because of the aldehydes and the musk on the top and bottom notes, this truly works for me. Even after all these years.  I would even go as far to say that I like it BETTER than I did back then, although that could be because I didn’t appreciate the fragrance or the value.

Since the Sweet Honesty is a cologne, in order to get the longest wear, I do recommend using the fragranced skin softener (the body lotion) prior to applying the cologne.  Sweet Honesty does wear well-I get a good 6-8 hours out of it applied over the skin softener.  It’s light but has a layer of sophistication that I find is lacking in many modern scents, even perfumes.  I think the only thing that would make this ‘better’ for me is if a shower gel or soap was available, as I think that would increase the length of wear time.

Overall, I absolutely love Sweet Honesty and am so pleased that I picked it up over Christmas.  I’m hoping that Avon continues to offer this.  I will definitely purchase it again whenever I see it on promotion, although I know that it probably won’t be the great value I got over the holidays.

I would love to hear about your favorite fragrance-one that’s stuck with you throughout the years.  Why do you continue to wear it and do you consider it your signature fragrance?


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