About Meredith….


Dang it, I am so terrible at filling these things out.  Last time I wrote everything in the third person and people told me I was stupid/awful/dumb for doing that. Normally, I wouldn’t entertain such tom-foolery but after taking a good hard look, I’ll admit, it was pretty cheesy.


Here’s what you may or may not want to know:

-I’m almost 40 and feel free to tell me that I don’t look it.

-I’m an American living in Canada and at times, it can drive me completely bonkers (I’m sure it also makes people around me who have to hear about this bonkers).  For the most part, I’m okay with it.

-I have a ‘better half’ and 2 dogs.  We moved out of the city (but not far) and have a house. Renovations happen here whether I like it or not.

-I like dressing up.  I’m almost always overdressed.  This pleases me. Karl Lagerfield said “When you wear sweatpants in public, you’ve given up on life.”  While I am not a huge fan of Karl, I’d have to agree.

-I love attending events, networking, meeting new people. I do this as often as I can and I go alone 95% of the time.  I make it my business to introduce myself to new people every time I go to an event.

-I am going to change my relationship status with Social Media to ‘married.’  I love engagement-it’s one of my favorite, favorite things.  I have met so many fantastic people and had so many opportunities because of it.

-In my spare time, I read a lot.  I also like taking courses on things like: wordpress, Photoshop, and how to better engage followers through Social Media.  I can also be found at various exercise classes, walking my dog, and of course, shopping.

-This blog is intended for people who like beauty products as much as I do, people who know me, or people who find me randomly through Google.

-If you post a blog, tweet, facebook status, instagram picture, or pin something to pinterest…and I know you, I will most likely reply or comment. This could turn out well or not so good depending on what you say.

-Sometimes, companies send me items to review.  I will tell you that somewhere within a post.  Most of the time, my ‘habit’ is funded by ME!  That’s why I have to work so hard.  Either way, I’m going to deliver the truth.

-I don’t mind having to work to support my ‘habit.’  One of my biggest pet peeves/thumbs down, whatever you want to call it is when bloggers only review products they get for free.  PLEASE act like you are still a human being.  You aren’t ‘real” when you get everything handed to you-how will your readers relate to you?

If you have any additional questions or need more information, head on over to ‘contact me’

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Thanks for reading!