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calorie free conundrum….

Being in the thick of this detox, I have recently become aware of how so much of my daily routine revolved around eating.  That being said, I have a lot more time on my hands.

tons of time, people....


Pre-detox jitters

this is it!!! last junk food day!

It’s detox time for me. Again.  I’ve got the ‘pre-detox’ blues.  Why?  I don’t know-this isn’t my first time!  I endure this process twice a year, with excellent results!

For some reason, this time is different and I can’t quite put my finger on it! For now, I am going to lump it under “I’m not in the right frame of mind”.  But what IS the right frame of mind?  Is it the preparation?  Is it the spiritual connection between mind and body?  Do I need to “set my intentions” as anjali_handa so eloquently wrote?

And is there ever an “ideal” time for detox?  I know that I have always missed “Canadian Thanksgiving” because of some kind of wellness/cleansing/detox situation. Is this going to be my new tradition?

Well I certainly better figure it out soon-as my anticipated start date is tomorrow.  I’ll be shopping for my “detox-friendly” foods, and thinking about all the reasons that I am really going through with this (did I mention it’s six weeks long?).  My yoga schedule is in hand, I have secured sauna/steam room time and put out the S.O.S. to joyoushealth and drjohndempster!  Hmmmm maybe I am ready!

I sense a breakthrough!

*random note* HUGE shout-outs to my mexi-CAN Paola for passing her Canadian citizenship test with flying colors!  That girl is going places!!!

School Daze!

Well…..that’s it.  There’s no turning back now

Why go back now, you ask?  Honestly, this isn’t a ‘new’ situation for me!

Don’t think I’m bragging, but school has never been a problem for me.  I’ve always had above average marks, but for some reason after high school I lost my way.  I tried community college and hated it, so I worked full time.  By age 28, I had enough of that.

I took a huge step out of my ‘box’ and joined the military.  I won’t get into the stories now but I made it through four years (think Private Benjamin).  I emerged a stronger, more focused ADULT.  My parting gift from the military was a four year education, for which I am forever grateful!  Graduation was a defining moment for me!

So why am I taking you back to my glory days?  Well, going back to school at 31 years old was NOT easy-especially when you are living on campus!  There are more stories, laughter, tears, and memories than I can count.

My point is….I pressed on then, and I’ll press on NOW-and most likely enjoy every minute of it!

As I look at my receipt from Ryerson, I am reminded of this same moment several years back….when I was looking at my invoice from the University at Buffalo.

It’s a new page, and a new chapter for me-and I can’t wait!  Project Management, here I come!

Still smiling.

p.s. Do I use too many …..?

Late night Snickerdoodle madness!

Picture this….

I am sitting on the couch with my other half watching my daily installation of Golden Girls (love that show and have requested the Box Set for the past 2 Christmases), and Dorothy brought up Snickerdoodles.  It was some kind of snarky response to Rose.  So other half remarks, “What are Snickerdoodles?”


Denim Debacle!!

I have been eye-ing the new fall fashion already-especially the denim.  Who doesn’t want a new pair of jeans?  I went into my closest looking for my latest favorite pair (Banana Republic bootcut that are just perfect-or so I think!), and came out with….. a LOT of denim!!!  Take a look:

I thought I only had 4 pairs of jeans......