Friday with Lise Watier!

A video about the Shoppers Drug Mart Lise Watier event.  Wasn’t as big as it was supposed to be (wth Lise Watier?) but I looked awesome after Dushanka worked her magic!


Pantene puts some bounce in my hair with Aqualight!

I attempt to take more than great care of my hair.  Especially because I am a FIRM believer  that ‘Blondes have more fun’  So when I was invited by Janine of BeautyGeeks to join Pantene at Shagg Salon for a blow-out event I jumped at the chance!


Caryl Baker Visage Welcome to Paradise Collection!

There’s a Caryl Baker Visage in the PATH system.  I pass by it practically everyday.  Once in awhile, I have stopped by to get my eyebrows “done” and purchased an OPI polish or two there.  There’s makeup available but I never looked at it for very long-just didn’t see anything that caught my eye.


Concrete Minerals haul!

I’ve always wanted to try mineral makeup made by someone else besides Bare Minerals. Sure it’s okay and all, but buying an entire kit can get pricey and color selection is ho-hum (although I would like to try their new pressed shadow collections).  So when I saw Concrete Minerals tweet about their Valentine Collection being available, I took advantage.