Settling down at SITAMAA for a loooong overdue pedicure!

I was way overdue for a pedicure. I tend to delay them in the winter months-brushing it off with a ‘Who’s going to see my feet anyway.’  Well, since I am involved in yoga/pilates and changing my clothes at the gym or my socks after a cycling class-it seems like quite a few people (could potentially) see my feet.


Smoothing it out with L’Oréal Magic Souffle Blush

I think I am the last person on this Earth to try out mousse type products.  It’s probably because I can’t get past the texture.

While I was in the local Rexall, I decided to take advantage of a BOGO promotion going on. One of the products I picked up was L’Oréal Magic Souffle Blush in 802 Cherubic.


Saturday finds at Pharma and GOW3

A quick stop by PharmaPlus yields great results…..and then there’s good old GamerVets GOW3 in the background




If you found this because you are a gamer,  this is where you want to be

No love affair with my hair-Review of Marc Anthony 2nd Day Revitalizer

I am a huge fan of dry shampoo!  Since I choose to be blonde, I am on a pretty tight maintenance schedule.  Washing my hair everyday is not an option-it seems to fade the color a lot faster than I would like.  Plus I have had more than one stylist tell me that washing your hair every day (or even every other day) is terrible for your hair AND scalp.  It took me a couple of years to latch onto that theory, but I’ve done so and had terrific results and ‘compliant’ hair.