Is it ever too early to shop for holiday makeup? Lancome Taupe Craze Color Design Palette

Oh beauty….the holiday season is fast approaching!  I am still on the fence about which frock will be making its debut on my frame but I have got my holiday makeup look in the bag!

Now normally taupe is a huge turnoff for me (minus using it on the browbone or in the tear duct area, however note the name “Taupe Craze.”  This palette is a fantastic mix of shimmer and matte shades and the shimmers just


And I love it!

What I also love is the plastic overlay that details how to use the palette as well as a package insert detailing “Day” and “Night” looks.


*sigh* I know I won’t be able to keep my hands off this palette-I will HAVE to use it before the holidays!  Gorgeous!

Are you looking at any holiday beauty items yet?  What has caught your eye?

30 days into miracle 10!

I have spoken before about how much I like miracle 10! Just wanted to give a quick update since I am now 30 days in!

This is my skin after 30 days using miracle 10 products-no makeup on here of course:

30 days in....not too shabby!

Barring some hormone issues, my skin is looking and feeling quite well-barring some (hormonal) blemishes!  I am more than happy with my miracle 10 and will continue to follow the program to see if 10 weeks makes the biggest difference of all!

How’s your skin doing?

Channeling my inner gypsy with Annabelle-first FOTD ever!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again….I am NOT a MUA.  I don’t have the skills, the education, the training or the technique.  But darn it, I certainly try!  The majority of  the time that I have an event to attend that requires more dramatic makeup, I enlist the services of a professional.  It’s just the ‘right’ thing to do.


Canadian Thanksgiving with an American flare…..

One of the ‘perks’ of being an American living in Canada is the fact that I get to celebrate Thanksgiving TWICE!!! Canadian thanksgiving happens a month and a half prior to American Thanksgiving.  I love to cook big holiday meals and that is not going to stop because I am 8 hours away from “home.” So I started my own ‘tradition’ of cooking a Canadian Thanksgiving.   I get all my recipes from Chatelaine magazine-whose October issues always have a pull out recipe section.  This year’s recipes are nothing short of fantastic!


Schwarzkopf-ED at the ASK academy

I’ve long been a fan of Schwarzkopf Blond Me….there’s just something about it that is so ‘next level.’ It’s like no other blonde I have ever seen and I love their color.   I recently had the opportunity to be a hair model for Schwarzkopf and I jumped at the chance!

Philosophy behind Schwarzkopf (from website)

Schwarzkopf Professional stands for trust and success. We are people who are passionate, who have a dream, a vision and who want to make it a reality. Professional Partnership is our philosophy and our point of difference. It connects us to our partner, the hairdresser, to a mutually beneficial relationship.”