WOW sushi blows my mind! On a Tuesday!

One of the few ‘going out’ foods I afford myself is sushi.  The other half’s claim to fame is (shameless plug), and he & his business partner stumbled upon this recently opened restaurant.  He had told me it was good….but his interpretation of ‘good’ is way different than mine.  Usually.


All things Chanel… very first Chanel event!

I have always had it in my mind that Chanel was an “off limits” brand for me.  Chanel is associated with luxury in my world ( and I know I am not alone there).  In addition, me being the person that I am (crazy+spontaneous+colorful), how could Chanel possibly fit into my life?


Latte Friday with Cherry and Meredith-Mylk uncookies edition!

In our quest for awesome espresso based drinks-our last stop, Thor Espresso mentioned the Indie Coffee pass.  It’s a pass that includes Indie coffee shops all over Toronto and allows a user (for a one time fee) a drink with a value of up to $4.00.  It’s a great idea-and if the shops weren’t so spread out, Cherry and I would have surely purchased (however we are restricted to shops we can get to within our 1 hour lunch break).


Another video comin at ya!

Thought I would do a quick video about the MAC warehouse sale and the contents of my fabulous gift bag from Jill!


Hope you are all having a good weekend!