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Annabelle Smokey Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

*This product was sent to me for review*

smokey nudes

From Annabelle:

Can’t get enough of the nude trend? We can’t either! This palette is the ultimate in versatility thanks to its minimalist and ultrafresh shades. With its mix of warm, cool, dark and light, you can create the perfect look for your skintone. Keep it simple with an “I’m not really trying” by day, or go with an intense smoky eye by night. Go ahead and play!

Key features:

  • Perfume and paraben free
  • Hypo-allergenic
  • Tested under ophthalmological control

My thoughts:

This palette from Annabelle is a great addition to any makeup lovers collection! It is light, portable and versatile in terms of color.  The shadows blend well and have a decent wear time (with a primer).  Plan to apply with a separate eyeshadow brush-although the palette comes with one, I like bigger eyeshadow brushes and fluffy crease brushes to blend these.

This palette has a suggested retail of $12.95 CAD



Spring must-haves from Annabelle!

Pictures speak volumes, so I’ll get right to it:


BAM! Annabelle’s got you covered for spring.  Pop of pink on the cheeks, some all over natural bronze, and some hydration on the lips.  What else can I say?



Weekly makeup basket recap!!!

1. Marcelle CC cream 12 in 1 benefits (which I won’t list here) but my favorite things about it include:  evens out skintone, controls shine, SPF 35, offers *better* coverage than most North American CC creams.
2.  Marcelle DD cream 10 in 1 benefits. My favorite things about it include: tightens pores, evens and smoothes skin tone, controls shine, SPF 25, improves radiance.  This is the product I used when I decided to brave the cold!
3.  Urban decay b6 vitamin infused complexion prep spray. I love this spray and a lot of people don’t.  I like it because:  it reduces redness, minimizes pores, and absorbs oil.
4.  Annabelle mineral powder blush.  Sadly, I don’t believe this product is made anymore?  I couldn’t find it on the website.  However, if you do some quick googling, you may still be able to find it for sale (ebay, amazon).  I do like it very much-haven’t used a loose powder blush in FOREVER.  It’s the right amount of pigment and the color is beautiful.
5. Annabelle eyeshadow quad in chai chai chai.  If you are a neutral lover, then this is a ‘must-have’ for you.  This quad looks amazing with any eye color.  The eyeshadows are very soft and buttery (I’d compare them to Urban Decay naked eyeshadow formula), and do NOT disappoint in terms of pigment and payoff.  Absolutely beautiful and high quality for a drugstore brand. VERY IMPRESSED.
6.  Annabelle twist up crayon in Absolute.  Even if you don’t like the color of this crayon, there are over 20 shades to choose from.  I’m a huge fan of crayons-mainly because they are super portable, and easy to apply.  I haven’t checked the entire collection out, but I have several of these and this is one of my favorites.
8..  Marcelle mascara waterproofing top coat.  This is a genius idea.  Now I can wear my favorite non-waterproof mascara and not have to worry about raccoon eyes!

Keeping my brows in check with Annabelle skinny brow liner

I think the universe gets more than a good giggle when it looks at my eyebrows.  They have NEVER been “right” in my eyes.

Over the years I have many many people pluck, tweeze, wax, and thread them into shape….but they have never quite achieved perfection to me.  I have an assortment of tools to help them out:

Unfortunately these tools only work if I USE THEM (*lightbulb*)

Okay so while I WILL leave the shaping to the professionals, I have stumbled upon a product that has helped me on my journey to brow perfection!

Enter Annabelle Skinny Brow liner-an extra precise, retractable AND waterproof brow liner (waterproof? I would never even bother to check if a brow product was waterproof).  Let’s take a peek at this:

On one end, there’s product.  Enough said right?  Well I will mention, this pencil is extremely smooth and soft enough to let you create/fill in those brows but not so tough that your grinding and pulling it along your forehead. I know we have all had that old school eyebrow pencil we love to hate-ADMIT IT!

It’s the other end that really got me interested in this product….check out this pink comb:


I LOVE this because it’s graduated.  So I don’t have to reposition or turn the brush-it’s in the perfect spot the entire time. And

that’s it. A couple of quick strokes and I look like I’m born with beautiful brows!

Simply put, the brush has made me love this product!

P.S. Skinny Brow liner comes in Universal Light, Universal Medium, and Universal Dark shades.


What’s the deal with your brows? How do you keep them in tip top shape?






2011 Beauty Favorites!

I have been seeing a lot of  bloggers posting about their 2011 favorites!  There are so many great posts I’ve had to start a list of products that I want to check out.  I want to express my appreciation for the time it takes beauty bloggers to write posts-especially reviews and tutorials.  I know that an incredible amount of work goes into making videos and posting reviews.  I am so glad to know you and truly value your opinions/advice.  I don’t buy ANY beauty products without checking out what bloggers have to say about them!  It’s the only way!


Mascara-what’s your favorite?

I am a huge fan of lash extensions (and have talked about them several times on my blog) so I haven’t been using mascara since…..well probably July.  However, I have decided to let me lashes “rest” for a month or two and have gone back to using mascara.