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Get your rear in (Bench) gear…..Brighten up with Bench!

Although there are still remnants of winter in Ontario (freezing rain today being a prime example), it looks like there are hints of spring all around-birds on my fence, longer periods of light, etc.   This extended winter has contributed to my expanding waistline (but I know I am ultimately responsible for my own behavior).  It’s time to face the facts, and lace up my shoes.  Although I’m a bit late for the ‘Summer bodies are made in winter’ mantra, it’s time for me to get my rear in gear….figuratively AND literally.  Check out the latest and greatest from Bench:

Bench. Color Pitch Creative

  • Liven up your yoga routine by splashing colour into your outfit with the Suriah Crop Racer Vest
  • Slip into the Achiever Hooded Zip Thru to stay visible and keep cozy on breezy spring evenings
  • Energize from the outside-in and bring your workout to the next level with the Baddah E Leggings 
  • From student to explorer, the Bingam Backpack adds a punch of lemon yellow on the front and a bright lining on the inside – which makes it easier to find your keys and phone!

I absolutely love Bench athletic clothing, especially the fleece and hooded zips. They keep me warm and are functional.  I can’t wait to swap my black/grey tops and bottoms for some light/bright pieces like these!   In fact, I’m so happy, I jumped for joy!


What’s your fitness & health plan for this spring?  Tell me!  Going anywhere fun-a jog or weekend camping?


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