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My picks for Best Bronzers for Fair Skin

I honestly am so pale most of the year.  I used to think that I shouldn’t be allowed to bronze….that it would look orange or obviously fake.  So why should a pale girl use bronzer?  Well besides that we don’t want to blind people with our pale-ness, it’s a great way to look ‘healthy’ without the UV damage.

Here’s the thing-us pale gals CAN and SHOULD wear bronzer. It’s all about the proper products, formula, and tools for application.  When I wear bronzer, this is what I wear. In my opinion, these are the best bronzers & tools for fair skin. FYI I actually own all of these bronzers and recommend them for different reasons. Enjoy and let me know if you have tried any of these and what your thoughts are. Thanks for reading!

Best Brozers for Fair Skin

Housekeeping note-I am cool toned so while my bronzers are for ‘warming’ up my skin, they all are cool toned.  Bronzers that have a lot of warmth make me look orange.   (more…)

My favorites from……Chanel

Well this should be no surprise to ANYONE, of course I have favorites from Chanel!



eyeshadow quads from Chanel L-R: Harmonie du Soir, Delicatesse, Raffinement

eyeshadow quads from Chanel L-R: Harmonie du Soir, Delicatesse, Raffinement

With Chanel, the eyes definitely have it….these are 3 of my favorite quads, the 2 on the left being limited edition.  I remember picking up harmonie du soir and just drooling over the rich cranberry and gold shades.  Delicatesse was a more recent purchase-and I saw 2 other women say it was ‘too much’ when the Chanel counter person suggested it.  Oh, I disagree….the mint is absolutely beautiful as an ‘accent’ color, and while these do have a frosty type finish, it’s subtle and super chic.  Raffinement is a gorgeous collection of neutrals-can’t go wrong!

Illusion d'ombre shadows L-R: Emerville, Illusoire

Illusion d’ombre shadows L-R: Emerville, Illusoire

I picked these up after attending a Chanel beauty event and after using them once or twice thought “oh no, I’ve made a mistake.”  However, after reading some blogs, and watching some tutorials-I quickly became more comfortable with these long wearing cream/gel (?) type shadows….these 2 in particular look great together or alone. Unfortunately Illusoire came loose and fell out of it’s pot; it’s still “use-able” but not as easy to use as Emerville.

Blushes L-R: Candy, Rose Ecrin, Frivole

Chanel has a handle on blush, that’s for sure.  Here are my favorites L-R: Candy, Rose Ecrin, Frivole.  I love that these are mineralized and offer a soft, subtle finish, that’s buildable.  Frivole was almost a return for me but I’m glad I kept it!

my poor poor Mademoiselle lipstick....

my poor poor Mademoiselle lipstick….

Believe it or not, I only have one favorite Chanel lipstick-and it has been through a lot, as you can see. I plan on depotting it and really need to get on that.  This lipstick is the perfect everyday pink!  I do have 2 other rouge coco shine lipsticks but this one holds a special place in  my <3.

Chanel Glossimer in 176

Chanel Glossimer in 176

Hey you don’t have to tell me this gloss looks INTENSE.  That’s partially the reason I chose it. The other reason is that it’s actually a beautiful wine color that is completely wearable (and slightly vampy).  I wear this when I’m feeling particularly sassy or cheeky.

And there you have it, my favorites from Chanel….do you have any Chanel must haves that I need to  know about? Leave me a comment in the comments section!