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Spring must-haves from Annabelle!

Pictures speak volumes, so I’ll get right to it:


BAM! Annabelle’s got you covered for spring.  Pop of pink on the cheeks, some all over natural bronze, and some hydration on the lips.  What else can I say?



Review-Epic Blend Premium lip balm

*This post contains products sent for review.  I like to state that first out of respect for my readers. This doesn’t change my opinion of the products.*

Shameless plug:  I actually had a giveaway for an entire set of these lip balms that I first mentioned on my YouTube channel.  It’s closed now but just in case, you may want to check over there-I tend to give my subscribers a “heads-up” when the giveaways come around!

I have extremely dry lips. ALL. THE. TIME.  I’ll cut right to the chase when I tell you that this product is heaven-sent.


Epic Blend uses natural ingredients without synthetics….which is a huge + for me. I hate hate HATE using petroleum based lip balm (and before you all slam me for using lipsticks, glosses with chemicals, hear me out).  I like to use the most moisturizing natural products the closest to my skin….this product is amazing to wear on its own when you’re out in the ‘weather’, or even as your base before you apply your other lip products.  It GLIDES on and the flavors are fun!

Epic has 3 different ‘categories’ of balms:

Hemp:  Organic Hemp Seed Oil is a great anti-oxidant, super nourishing and quickly absorbs deep into the skin cells.

More Moisture:  Seven moisturizers, including Organic Shea Butter come together to provide an extra kick of moisture plus a boost of staying power.

Vegan:  100% plant-based and beeswax-free.  Candelilla wax is used in these balms, giving them a smooth texture.

The formulas:

-Nutrient dense natural and organic ingredients that improve skin’s health

-Petroleum free, Gluten free and non GMO

-Not tested on animals

-Natural flavors

Sounds good to me, right?  I’ve been using these and loving them.  And so has my other half, who was a devout Carmex user…..and fyi, there is an unflavored version if you aren’t into all that.

Try these out-you won’t be disappointed in this *Epic* Canadian company (see what I did there?)

Find Epic Blend:

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Getting Cheesey at Cheesewerks!

Leave it to Cherry Lo….she spotted free grill cheese day at Cheesewerk with her eagle eyes.  of course that neighborhood seems to be our new “hot-spot” between CYKL, Thor, Cheesewerks, and the General Store.  Anyway, we all trekked down to Cheesewerks for our free sandwich-the ‘we’ being Cherry, myself, and Geoff (who complains more than anyone I know).


Latte Fridays with Meredith & Cherry-Cafe Atelier!

I can’t say enough good things about this place….a little gem on King West.  Cherry & I would always walk by the sandwich board sign on the sidewalk and talk about popping in.  We made good on that last week….and liked it so much, we had to come back!  I had forgotten my camera the first time so we justified the second trip to get “blog-worthy” pictures.  Oh who am I kidding-we actually went back for the cookies.