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My picks for great lips! Best lip scrubs & lip prep products for mature lips

I notice that as I age, there are ‘changes’ in my skin.  Gravity starts to take its tool, my skin is thinner in some places than others and my lips….oh my lips.  My top lip is noticeably disappearing (sadness) and my lips are DRY DRY DRY.  I love a matte lipstick but there is no way that I could wear one without getting my lips ready.  Please see below for my product picks to prep your lips for lipstick.  One of these products is actually a 2 in 1-I call it ‘the best of both worlds.’


Now appearing on YouTube…..

I am NOT expecting any awards (but will have my acceptance speech ready) , but I have started a YouTube channel.  Same name as the blog. Check it out….


One of my favorite things to do while I am home is visit Saks Fifth Avenue.  I think I could spend the whole day in that store.  When I approach it, I swear I see a golden light around it (cue the angels).  I step inside and am in cosmetic/beauty heaven!  Most of the time my visits are spent entirely on the cosmetic/beauty floor (I am talking 2-3 hours just on the first floor).   I just love looking at all the products that I can’t purchase in Canada!


Mini haul- Clinique

Gosh I can’t even remember the last time I have been to a Clinique counter.  I was kind of turned off ever since they started “cloning” Happy perfume, and I felt like they weren’t coming out with anything ‘new’ so why bother.


Monday-Friday makeup

One of the main things on my ‘to-do’ list today was to get a new eyeshadow primer. My current fave, Naked Beauty by Smashbox was sold out at my local Shopper’s Drug Mart. I had every intention of trekking to Sephora to get a new one.  That is, until I decided to organize my makeup bags, and YES I said BAGS (plural).

Well of course, I have figured out that I have a lot of makeup-and it’s great stuff!  I have selected the everyday products that I use for work.  It was a lot more than I thought!  Take a peek-I have numbered it all and will talk about it that way!