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Ho Ho Holidays are coming-what will YOU wear? How about Gerry Weber?

I find myself getting more and more into fashion when Autumn & Winter roll around.  I like the idea of wearing layers and more clothing. It’s never too early for me to start my holiday preparations!  Check out the latest in Holiday Chic from Gerry Weber.  My favorite is Fireside cozy (but maybe not the winter white pants, as I AM a bit slovenly).  What’s your favorite?

gerry weber logo


Gift idea for the fashionable-MAHAYATRA designs

Looking for something for the gentleman in your life?  Tired of the same old tie rack at the department store? You know….the one right next to the ‘sport socks’ that’s been picked over by everyone and their Grandma.  Well check this out:

Neelesh Mistry a local Torontian that seems to wear many hats. Technical
geek, owner of a spa and local stylist and now has recently launched his
own line of Men’s Accessories under the brand MAHAYATRA (meaning the great
journey). He comes from a family of tailors and funnily enough also
marries a person who’s families own manufactures womens clothing for
brands like Top Shop, Harrods and others. One can say that the passion for
fashion is a family thing.

MAHAYATRA has been a project in the works for several years and the
inspiration for the collection comes from his travels.  Years of traveling the globe, from its most authentic and rural
nooks to cosmopolitan and bustling cities, he has found a real need for a
wardrobe that weaves these global visions for the man who is on a similar

But don’t just take my word for it…..feast your eyes:

Mahayatra can be found:

on the web

*all images used with permission*

Judith & Charles reveal at First Canadian Place! Minimalist+elegant=delicious & sophisticated for Fall 2012!

I don’t receive many fashion related invites (princess problems, right?), but when I got this one, I had to accept! It’s steps away from work, and I have passed by the ‘under construction’ storefront more than once. So imagine my delight when I happened upon the newly renovated Judith & Charles store at First Canadian Place!


Denim Debacle!!

I have been eye-ing the new fall fashion already-especially the denim.  Who doesn’t want a new pair of jeans?  I went into my closest looking for my latest favorite pair (Banana Republic bootcut that are just perfect-or so I think!), and came out with….. a LOT of denim!!!  Take a look:

I thought I only had 4 pairs of jeans......