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Everything’s better in HD! My HD brow treatment at SITAMAA day spa!

I have struggled with my brows for a loooooooong time.  I’ve asked for help with my brows from several makeup counters and even taken a workshop on my brows.  Has that gotten me into a better brow routine? Nope!  The furthest I go with my brows is to pencil them in and hope for the best.

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Savour Summer -my latest trip to SITAMAA day spa

I tend to stay on top of my skin care and beauty routine.  However due to the recent ‘tidal wave’ of life events, I glanced at my calendar last week to discover my last facial was nearly 6 months ago!


I went straight to my gmail account to access my address book when my eyes happened to fall upon my inbox.  And what do I see? August promotions at SITAMAA.  I called and made an appointment for the Sunkissed Facial and the Golden Touch (body exfoliation with massage).

Enjoy a signature Aveda facial with the addition of the PCA detox gel to help soften black heads and minimize enlarged pores. Leaving skin healthy and glowing.

This was my very first Aveda facial and I was so pleased.  I had a fantastic consultation with my skin therapist and my facial included products that addressed the concerns I had mentioned-hello customized! The products I loved the most were from Aveda’s “Green Science” line.  The facial was thorough, enjoyable and included a double cleanse,application of PCA gel (which does tingle by the way) toning, masque, extractions, facial massage, moisturizing, and application of sunscreen-not in that order!

Starting with a thorough exfoliation of the entire body with our Caribbean body scrub and then followed by a 30 min hot oil massage concentrating on any area of tension.

The body exfoliation was wonderful as well.  I really needed a good thorough scrub down.  A 30-minute massage afterwards (with warm oil) was a definite bonus.  I had my therapist work on my back.  Goodbye stressful work week (or stressful work month….did I mention my company is up for sale? Can we say anxiety?)

Now, I don’t like to throw the ‘G’ word around-glowing that is, but I have to say my face is looking mighty angelic these days. Overall, my skin feels so clean and light.  These 2 treatments were exactly what I needed, when I needed them!

If you are in Toronto, and feel like indulging, you should give SITAMAA a try!


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*I paid for these treatments and the opinions are my own, whether you like them or not!*

Sweet escape with SITAMAA Day Spa! (An Aveda Caribbean Therapy giveaway!)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ll be the first to say it.

Spring is upon us…..and among the official pack-the-winter-clothes-bring-out-the-summer-clothes is a long list of beauty related items  There’s the teeth whitening, the hair lightening & brightening, the bronzing, and the facials.  So it’s not a surprise that my feet get pushed to the bottom of this list (gasp).  I mean, they’re at the bottom of my body right? Who’s going to notice the rough heels, and jagged  nails?  And why oh why do all spring/summer shoes have to be cute, strappy sandals?

Upon my new found love for peep toe, slingback heels,  I thought I would be a bit more pro-active.  I recently had a Caribbean Therapy pedicure at SITAMAA Day Spa and my feet have been singing my praises ever since!  I don’t have to remind you of my love for SITAMAA though do I? You’ve read my blog post about it, correct?

(you’ll feel like you are in the picture above)

This pedicure isn’t just your standard soak, file, lotion-oh no no.  This pedicure is 1 hour and 15 minutes!  What happens during that time, you ask?  Well, the treatment is performed using all the Caribbean therapy products from the soak, exfoliation, masque and massage cream!  I even got to go home with an Aveda Caribbean therapy exfoliator and a Bath bar! YES please!

Again, you know of my love for SITAMAA Day Spa-they have a great philosophy, to perform all treatments with TRUTH LOVE and COMPASSION, and that’s how I felt during this  hour and fifteen minutes of PURE ISLAND BLISS!! And I want to share this with you….


So share I will….SITAMAA Day Spa has graciously offered a gift certificate for this EXACT same pedicure, scrub, and bath bar!

So of course you HAVE to enter-it’s not difficult.  See the Rafflecopter widget below:

*just a note-this day spa is located in Toronto!  You’ll have no trouble finding it, but I just wanted to make you aware that you need to be able to get there!*

Before you widget away, here’s a bit of fine print for you-read it, it’s important!

Must give 24 hours cancellation notice or 100% cancellation charge will be taken.

Credit Card will be taken at time of booking.

Call to make reservation.

Only redeemable by winner of this competition.

None redeemable towards product, other services and or cash!


Good luck everyone!


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Settling down at SITAMAA for a loooong overdue pedicure!

I was way overdue for a pedicure. I tend to delay them in the winter months-brushing it off with a ‘Who’s going to see my feet anyway.’  Well, since I am involved in yoga/pilates and changing my clothes at the gym or my socks after a cycling class-it seems like quite a few people (could potentially) see my feet.