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You’re right, I haven’t been here for a while…..and now I’m going to send you somewhere else….

Geez that’s just about as click-baity as you can get isn’t it.

Seriously though….I’ve been on the blog less and less. I’m toying with a rebrand-which is a lot of effort but at this point, necessary and (probably) worth it.  Any constructive feedback is necessary.  Emphasis on the word constructive.

In the meantime, here are the best places to find me.

Instagram:  ettuandyou (for now)

Podcast-oh you didn’t know I started one? I tried to be semi-quiet about it.  Information below.  It’s me with a voice and no imagery.

he said I talk too much

Find it here:

apple podcasts: link here

pocketcasts: link here

radiopublic: link here

anchor: link here

overcast: link here


Credit where credit is due…..a mention

For all of you complimenting me on my new blog layout, a huge MERCI!

That was the brainchild of my other (he would say “better”) half-with me behind the creative portion!

Not too shabby, eh?

p.s. I also love feedback so feel free to comment on things I am lacking or ideas/suggestions.  Thanks for reading!