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Caryl Baker Southwestern Beauty collection

Southwestern Beauty from Caryl Baker for Summer 2013:

Country Strong eye colours:  vibrant to look at but leave a natural, sheer finish.


Desert Darlings:  City Slickers lip gloss are sheer colour plus super shine and contain argan oil to moisturize dry, chapped lips.


Lazy Daze: Sun baked Bronzer is soft and smooth powder that gives a glow with a smooth natural sun kissed finish.


Simply put, this collection reminds me of an Arizona sky and art shows  or outdoor markets that feature art with lots of turquoise and coral, influenced by the landscape.  Aztec-ish perhaps…..

This is the collection you wear with your favorite denim.  What you wear when you want to look pulled together but not overly ‘done.’ It’s fresh and up to date without being pretentious and heavy.

I adore this collection and the quality of Caryl Baker products is comparable to MAC (in my opinion).  I’ve spoken on these products in other blog posts/videos.  Another plus is that this is a Canadian brand so you are sure to have access to a boutique!  This collection is most definitely swatch worthy so be sure to take a look.


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Gift idea for the beauty in YOUR life-Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

These palettes have been raved about and raved about!  Rightfully so….who couldn’t use a palette full of high quality neutral eye shadows?


The Naked 2 palette contains 12 “never boring” neutrals in matte, shimmer AND glitter textures.  This palette can produce many looks from everyday to going out!  There is also a full size double ended crease/shadow brush and a miniature lip gloss in the shade Naked.

I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t love this palette as a gift!

Find the Naked 2 palette on sephora.com (retail $60.00 CAD) or on the Shopping Channel ($60.00 CAD)


Gift idea for the beauty in your life-Dior Grand Bal Makeup Palette for Glowing Eyes & Lips

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time and watched any of my YouTube channel, you will know that I love Dior.  I have been drooling over this palette ever since I saw it online.  I picked it up during the Bay’s Beauty Gala. It’s everything I knew it would be…..and if you have a Dior lover in your life, go get it!

Dior fashioned this palette as a gold ‘clutch’ held together by a black eyeliner

It contains 2 gorgeous shimmery eyeshadows, 2 lip colors, and a black eyeliner.  It’s absolutely beautiful and anyone who loves makeup/cosmetics will love it!

I picked up my palette at the Bay’s flagship store on Queen Street, (but you can grab it at any Dior beauty counter)….so if you swing by, be sure to say Hello! to Anne and Yaffa the manager! They’re fantastic people and will get you set up with some beautiful gifts sure to delight your beauty!

Caryl Baker Visage-Bare Beauty summer 2012!

With the summer practically upon our doorstep, choosing a summer look can be challenging.  One of my big ‘stumbling blocks’ is making sure that what I wear on my face is complementary.  Caryl Baker Visage has launched a limited edition collection of cosmetics.  These colors are sure to catch your eye and are inspired by three nature color ‘stories’:


YSL Spring 2012-My favorites!

I was completely sucked in by the ‘candy’ collection-YSL 2012.  I watched a video from YT’er PEI makeupartist and loved her finished look!  So I indulged-but only in my favorites!