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Introducing Pantene’s newest ambassador, Chiara Ferragni!


Pantene has announced the world’s top digital fashion icon and international trendsetter, Chiara Ferragni as the new face – and hair – for the brand.

A bona fide fashion star with over 5 million Instagram followers, Chiara is now ready to make her mark in beauty with Pantene. “I’m obsessed with my hair! I’ve always felt that when I have beautiful hair, I look and feel more beautiful – and stronger. When I was a teenager, I was fascinated by Pantene’s gorgeous ads and when I started travelling frequently I trusted it to look after my hair. So I’m thrilled to be Pantene’s latest ambassador because healthy hair helps me look and feel stronger and more beautiful.”

Commenting on the decision to recruit arguably the biggest phenomenon in the online style-sphere to front the global mega-brand, Layal Ammar, Pantene Brand Director, says: “We’re thrilled to announce the collaboration between the world’s top digital fashion icon and the world’s #1 haircare brand.   Chiara is the epitome of the modern day woman with very demanding hair needs – she is constantly styling  her hair, yet her hair is always immaculate. This is because Chiara’s choice is Pantene – she has been using the brand since she was a teen – and now we have joined forces to tell the world about her hair care secrets.”

I’m excited to see what Chiara will bring to the world of Pantene-she obviously has GREAT hair!  What do you think?

Follow Chiara on Instagram and her blog, the blonde salad.

Irresistible Me extensions-my very first clip ins!

I’ve worn extensions before-last year in fact.  I’ve had fusion extensions and euro-lock extensions.  I loved them both but they were quite high maintenance….even for ME.  And the cost?  More than I’d care to admit.  I happily accepted an opportunity to try clip in extensions from Irresistible Me.



Squeaky clean scalp-Liveclean apple cider vinegar shampoo

*I was sent these products for review-my thoughts are my own! Please be wary when reading blogger reviews-it is NOT a requirement to disclose whether one has received a product for review or not in Canada, but it IS good manners and ethics 🙂 *

I’ve changed my shampoo and conditioner routine considerably over the years.  One of those changes includes using a clarifying shampoo 1-2 times a week.  This has become ESPECIALLY important recently due to my hair extensions.  They way that I wash my hair has changed and cleansing my scalp is essential!  The fact that it contains natural ingredients bumps it up a notch over other clarifying shampoos!

live clean

Because this is a Live Clean product, it’s completely vegan with no animal products used in the formulations.  Live Clean products are safe for the environment too!!!

Live Clean Apple Cider Vinegar Clarifying Shampoo

350mL, suggested retail $6.95 CAD

-Reduces dulling residue

-For all hair types

-Contains Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

-Pure vegan

-Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free

-SLS/Sulfate and petroleum free

-DEA free

Available at Rexall, Shoppers Drug Mart, Target, Walmart and Uniprix

Find Live Clean :

I recommend this product -it thoroughly cleanses and removes build-up without drying the hair. I have integrated it into my hair routine.   The price point is perfect too-and I even use it to clean my makeup brushes (thanks to a suggestion from a Make Up Artist friend of mine, Naomi).

Keepin’ it Blonde with Provoke Touch of Silver!

*I was sent these products for review-my thoughts are my own! Please be wary when reading blogger reviews-it is NOT a requirement to disclose whether one has received a product for review or not in Canada, but it IS good manners and ethics 🙂 *

Having blonde hair is one thing-keeping it in fantastic condition is another thing entirely!  I’ve probably used it all in terms of maintenance-gloss, colour protecting shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioning masques, AND purple shampoos.  And I’m glad that I have all these options available to me, but have to admit that I’m not in *love* with my current purple shampoo and conditioner-mainly because the conditioner does NOT condition well and I am WAAAAYYYYY over the 5 minute detangle.


To understand how purple shampoo & conditioner like Touch of Silver work, let’s chat about colour theory.  Basically, opposing colours neutralize each other.   In the case of ‘blonde’ hair- it has the tendency to move to yellow/orange due to sun exposure, detergent based shampoos. The opposite of yellow/orange is purple violet.  Touch of Silver deposits violet colour pigment that neutralizes yellow tones in blonde hair.

colorwheelSo….now you have questions.  I’m going to answer them!

Touch of Silver Shampoo & Conditioner is used twice a week!

I have recently bleached my hair-when can I start to use touch of silver?

This is me right now-fresh color & highlights.  You CAN use Touch of Silver but not until at least 2 weeks after your color.  When you use for the first time after a color, leave the product on for 2-3 minutes, not the full 5 minutes.

Will my hair turn purple?

Touch of Silver IS a toning shampoo, so if you leave it on too long, you have the potential to develop a purple tinge to your hair.

When will I see results?

You’ll see results from the very first wash! Two applications is enough to keep the brass at bay!

Is Touch of Silver a Hair Dye?

Yes it is-a temporary one.  It washes out within 6-8 washes.  The violet pigment sits on the surface of the hair, unlike permanent or semi-permanent dyes penetrate the hair shaft.

Now, keep in mind that individual results will definitely vary.  Also, if you are sensitive to dyes, do a patch test first!

My thoughts?

The shampoo is your standard purple shampoo.  I leave it on for about 3 minutes because I’m pretty darn impatient. My Stand-OUT product in this duo is definitely the Intensive Treatment Conditioner.  I LOVE THIS.  It is so rich and so moisturizing and hydrating.  It leaves my hair tangle free and soft.  It’s amazing.

So yes, this is worth it-especially if you’re a blonde or silver or white haired FOXY LADY!  Try it!


farleycotouchofsilverFind Touch of Silver :

on the web



Yet another reason to get your locks to Yonge/St. Clair- BlowDry lounge!

Creeping my work neighborhood……has worked out in my favor!

I had an event last week, a social outing-right after work.  No way I could style my hair in the morning, work the entire day and then head off to this event.  I wanted a fresh style-something pretty & voluminous.

Sure I walked by the blowdry lounge at least a hundred times. I noticed it was busy, sure I did….I looked at the website.  But after going to another blo dry bar chain and being fairly to moderately disappointed on a consistent basis (I won’t mention the name but I’ll give you a hint, the name of the disappointment rhymes with ‘Flo’), I was hesitant to give this place a shot.



I am SO glad I did!

blowdry lounge



First impressions? Fabulous.  Decor-pretty, clean, simple.  blow dry lounge has a RECEPTIONIST.  Yes, ONE person dedicated to scheduling, payment processing, inquiries.  I breathe a sigh of relief here-how many times I had to wait for one of the stylists to stop drying a client’s hair, to assist me with scheduling.  How many times was an appointment forgotten or overbooked upon my arrival? More than one.  But that’s the OTHER blow dry bars….not blow dry lounge. The atmosphere is friendly-not pretentious or stuffy.

My stylist consulted with me briefly about what I wanted.  She was friendly, polite, quick and efficient.  Then she started working her magic.  And it was quite magical!  She knows how to style….the shampoo, the product, the technique-perfect-o!  She gave me the full brush blow dry (head full of bushes!).

Just in case you are wondering, here’s a photo of me at the event.  I don’t like the photo for other reasons but my hair is incredible!


I also popped over again for another blow dry-this time a bit more sleek.  I had a wonderful experience and my hair stayed frizz free for almost 3 days! YAY! Again, not my favorite picture of myself, but check my hair (and the 2 beauties next to me).



And how about for up-styles? Blow-dry lounge has got you covered, as evidenced by my LATEST trip:

photo 1(2)photo 2(2)


I highly recommend blow dry lounge for your styling needs. They also offer haircuts AND threading (which I’ll be trying out soon).

blowdry lounge is located at  1343 Yonge Street in Toronto. Find pricing information and hours here.


Forever young-hair edition! Live Clean Age Resist haircare!

*I received this product for review*

I won’t deny that I am ALL about anti-aging products, especially after the recent passing of my 40th year on this wonderful planet of ours.  I’ve tried one other anti-aging haircare system (from Pantene, called Age Defy) and was impressed by everything except the price.


Live Clean Age Resist consists of 4 products that address the issues of aging hair.

The Claims:

§  Age Resist Shampoo is gentle – it won’t strip colour treated hair

§  Age Resist Conditioner contains a new natural silicone alternative

§  Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment – it’s magic! One pump is all you need and apply it on towel-dried, still damp hair. Can be used daily!

§  Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil – this is the big gun – it’s the perfect once a week treatment and very beneficial right now when cold temperatures, dry air and hair tools have taken all the moisture from your hair

My Thoughts:

I’ve been using this consistently for about 3 weeks now. I like to use shampoo, conditioners and styling products/treatments for that long BECAUSE I feel like it takes that long to see any type of result.  I like this shampoo & conditioner. It’s got a pleasant, light fragrance (smells like plants/forest to me).  It lathers nicely, rinses out clean, and doesn’t leave my scalp itchy.

My stand out product is the 10 in 1,which I use every time I wash my hair (4 times a week for me).  It reminds me VERY much of Pantene’s BB cream for hair, which I also like very much!

The Miracle Oil is good-I use that once a week, usually on Friday night. I don’t tend to wash my hair at all on the weekends unless I am going out.  The ‘down time’ for my hair gives this product time to penetrate and nourish the root of my hair.

Did this product stop my hair from aging?  That is yet to be seen but I did like the way my hair felt after using the system.  It’s friendly to the environment AND the wallet with products ranging from $8.99-$11.99.

Single push, absolute color-L’Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue!

Home hair color……I’m not good at it.  I tend to leave my locks in the hands of professionals.

I put my skeptics hat squarely on my head as I made my way over to Delmonaco hair studio to experience L’Oréal Paris’ newest home haircolor, Mousse Absolue.

I was quite impressed by the shade offerings but even MORE impressed with the actual product and technology….is it outlandish to deem a haircolor ‘innovative’?


One of my pals, Davida did an EXCELLENT post on this event and the product itself.  Please click on ‘excellent’ to see her post!

From L’Oréal Paris:

Discover a colour of extraordinary freshness: a colour of exquisite brilliance, irresistible delicacy and inimitable purity. At the very heart of Mousse Absolue, a colour of pristine beauty, in its most original form.

With Mousse Absolue, L’Oréal Paris goes still further with the consistency of colouring mousse. Firmer, richer and smoother, its texture is impeccable, and can be spread evenly over the hair. The precious automatic mixing of the colour is then ideally applied to obtain the most absolute of colours.

Directions for application:

1 After the aerosol is shaken, with a single push the mousse, with its perfect proportion of colorants and developer, is deposited delicately onto your hair.
2 Mix well – no need for any other tools…. Apply the mousse gently over the hair. It turns into a cream, and can be massaged in with the hands and fingers.
3 After leaving for the required time, rinse, apply the sublimator, and discover some truly haute-couture colours.


Did I mention this product can be used more than once? THAT’S RIGHT- MORE. THAN. ONCE!

For the first time with L’Oréal Paris, haircolor can be used again. The content of the pack means that you can make two complete
applications on short hair, or one application and touch up mid-length hair. The pleasure of colouring is prolonged with Mousse Absolue and every woman can now touch up her hair like a true professional.

So how did this turn out on moi?  Take a look!





L’Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue is available in 14 shades and is on shelves RIGHT NOW! Suggested retail is $18.99 (but I’ve seen it on sale for $15.99 recently). AMAZING.  I’ll give home hair color another whirl and a BIG THUMBS UP!


John Frieda Luxurious Volume!

I love me a voluminous salon blowout and I know I’m in the minority when I say ‘Give me TEXAS hair!’  Volume is the name of my game-and I am a big hair type of gal!

But what about when my wallet puts the kibosh on my salon appointments? And when the daily grind just doesn’t coincide with my big hair dreams?  What then?  

At a beautiful studio in downtown Toronto, myself and some other ladies learned all about the new collection!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume offers a collection of salon-developed products with new and innovative formulas specifically designed to add grip to fine, flat hair without any product feel.  The reformulation transforms limp, fine hair into styles with natural-looking volume that’s still touchably soft.

Okay so ‘natural-looking’ volume is not nearly enough for me…but it may satisfy my 9-5 volume cravings!

Here are the products in the collection:


John Frieda Luxurious Volume-Touchably Full Shampoo ($10.49 CAD)

-formulated for fine, flat hair (*ahem*, ME)

-gently cleanses and detangles fine hair as it applies volume boosters, then rinses clean without stripping hair

-surfactants removed residue that can weigh hair down, making hair appear fuller

-volume boosting technology that is heat-activated to enhance hair’s natural volume

Thoughts: This is a fantastic shampoo!  It smells great, and does exactly what it says it will! 


John Frieda Luxurious Volume-touchable Full Conditioner ($10.49 CAD)

-lightweight conditioning formula , enhanced detangling properties, then rinses clean

-heat-activated technology is activated to enhance fullness and boost volume

-formulated to enhance body and shine

Thoughts: This is a light feeling conditioner that works so well.  I have minimal tangles after using and my hair feels clean and light!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume-Fine to Full Blow Out Spray ($14.99 CAD)

-contains a patented Kao polymer technology that spreads thoughout the hair when activated by heat of blowdryer

-featuring a pump spray

-lightweight formula creates lift at the roots and natural-looking fullness

Thoughts:  I had originally thought that this would be my *favorite* product from the line. I do like the spray but I find that another product in the line gives me a LOT more lift!  The spray IS light and doesn’t weigh the hair down.

John Frieda Luxurious Volume-Root Booster Blow-Dry Lotion ($10.49 CAD)

-enables optimal product delivery to the roots through the targeted spray nozzle

-ultra-lightweight lotion lifts fine hair at the roots for extra crown volume that’s touchably soft

-alcohol free and non sticky!

-contains Panthenol to help protect and strengthen hair while styling

Thoughts: I’m scared to death of root boosting sprays because I’m an ‘over-user’ that is, too generous with the product.  This product does work (and believe me, use a LITTLE not a lot) but I found that the next product I mention was my absolute favorite!  I prefer all-over products but do understand that concentrated products that work in one area will help achieve more volume!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume-Volume Building Mousse ($10.49 CAD)

-rich, ultra lightweight mousse creates thickness by wrapping strands and boosting volume from root to tip for lush, soft hair

-thickening technology with a unique polymer blend increases hair diameter and lifts at the roots for weightless, non-sticky, all-day volume

-contains Panthenol which helps strengthen hair, enabling hair to lift at the roots for increased volume

Thoughts: This mousse is my super star product out of this lineIt is incredibly light and gives me a lot of volume.  I absolutely love using it. It doesn’t weigh my hair down and I can apply it all over.  For me, this WORKS!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume-All Day Hold Hairspray ($10.49 CAD)

-lightweight, ultra-fine spray offers extra hold and body while helping hair look natural and stay uplifted all day

-water free formula contains a high-hold polymer to lock in style fast for fullness and volume that lasts all day

-formulated with silicone to combat over-drying and provide humidity resistance that prevents styles from falling flat

Thoughts:  Honestly, I don’t like ‘touchable’ hairsprays.  That being said, it does offer a decent hold.  Unfortunately, Canadian winters are not the best time to test this out.  I tried this in the middle of a snowstorm and forgive the pun, it fell flat .  I’m going to give it another chance when the weather is more stable.  If you do appreciate a touchable hairspray, then go for it!

The incredibly happy and very voluminous hair model!

So there you have it-a wallet friendly alternative to salon blow dries!  I do recommend that you at the very least check out the products.  I truly enjoy using the system as a “whole” meaning I got my best results when I used the shampoo, conditioner and one of the styling products.  Also, for optimal volume, make sure you have great tools!  John Frieda has hair dryers, and brushes as well!

John Frieda Luxurious volume is available at most drugstores and is there RIGHT NOW!  Make your hair happy and try some touchable volume!


*Stay tuned for another post with tips and tricks from Alain Larivee, John Frieda’s style ambassador!*





Gift idea for the beauty in your life-Cristalliste by Kerastase Nuit de lumiere gift set!

Soft silky hair….everyone wants it!  Kerastase Paris makes this achievable with Cristalliste!

This set contains:

Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Shampoo helps smooth the hair, leaving it lustrous and supple without weighing it down.

Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Conditioner leaves the hair looking smoother for a feather light finish.

Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Essence for dry ends-apply 1 or 2 drops only!

Kerastase products are sold only in salons!

Find Kerastase:

on the web