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Life without hair extensions-so far I’m making it!

When I have the $$$, I like to invest in hair extensions. I have tried different methods and brands-Keratin bonds, micro-beads, and most recently, tape-in extensions. I tend to wear them for between 3-6 months, and then give myself a break.

So I’m in a break period now-which is not the norm for me. Normally I wear extensions in the fall, winter, and spring. That’s mainly because of the extra weight and extra heat that they provide. This time around, I got them in spring and wore them all through summer (mistake-so hot). I was bracing myself for the worst during removal. I was surprised to find my hair in great condition. I’m even more surprised to find myself absolutely loving my hair sans extensions. I’m so pleased with everything about it and have been taking extra care ever since.

The number one thing that I love is being able to run my fingers through MY hair. I’m also able to put my hair up, it’s versatile. While I am missing the length, that’s really the only thing. I’m taking extra care with products, only washing my hair when necessary and heat styling sparingly.

I’m sure I will get hair extensions again, but I can tell you right now, It’s not going to be soon. I may do something different with my colour but right now I’m content. And I feel good about that!