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L’Oréal Paris Canada Christmas Cocktails at c5

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again…..L’Oréal Paris Canada certainly knows how to have a good time!

I attended the L’Oréal Paris Canada (thank you Cowan & Company) cocktail party and had a blast!

My dress was standard cocktail-black and sparkly.  I decided to take it up a notch with my hair.


Stylin’ at the Blush Pretty Hair workshop

One of the perks have having talented and creative people in your life is that they will often need a ‘canvas’ to work on.  In this case, the canvas was my hair…..

I have spoken of Blush Pretty workshops before and even guest posted on Alicia’s blog  about my Day to Night workshop!  To be clear, they are quite fantastic!


Finest Feathers!

One of the trends that I have been super excited to try (and have indulged in recently) are feather hair extensions.  I was lucky enough to spot Finest Feathers at a popular flea market in the area.  I only had 4 feathers put in my hair but took a business card because I knew I would be getting some more before I left!