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My favorite foundations for ‘mature faces’-spring edition

I can’t be the only person that switches products for the season.  Where I live, spring is finally starting to come around.  I can actually say that this year, I am glad to see winter retreat.  It dragged on for far too long.  I’m not looking forward to allergy season though.  This is the point during the year that my skin starts ‘talking’ to me-it starts out with a gentle reminder-a bit more oiliness and (if I don’t listen to it and adjust) then the pimples.   I usually start digging through my makeup drawers at this point, and lamenting over the fact that I forgot to buy sunscreen.  Again.  I also have neglected to schedule my spring facial treatment-super important to have a professional go over your skin.  I like to start with the best, cleanest canvas that I can!


Weekly Recap-look, no template!

yeaaaaaaahhhhh so having a bit of an issue with my template program I use for this so I thought hey, it’s a nice day, lots of light outside AND inside, especially since we redid the skylight (would you believe the person that lived here painted the inside and perimeter of the skylight DARK brown?WHY?), so here is my very own photo of my favorite products this week!

My favorite products this past week!

My favorite products this past week!

And away we go:

Wet and Wild Comfort Zone eyeshadow palette: If you do not have this in your stash, stop what you’re doing and go get it. I consider this a STAPLE.  The colors are amazing, blend extremely well, and have great payoff. Don’t want to spend the big $$$ on NAKED palettes? Right here, my friend-wet and wild.

Jane Iredale eyeshadow trio in pecan, chocolate and argh I can’t remember: This was a gift from realgoodbadexample (youtube channel).  I have seen JI before but never purchased as they are quite pricey.  These shadows are worth it and whomever decided to put these 3 colors together is a genius.  It’s the right amount of pigment with 2 matte shades and 1 shimmer.  Soft shadows too.  This is on my ‘Check out’ list.

IT Cosmetics Vitality Disc:  I have a lot of IT Cosmetics and definitely have my favorites. This product hasn’t earned my ‘holy grail’ stamp like the Celebration Foundation has, but it’s handy, that’s for sure.  I like that everything is combined and really enjoy the blush and highlighter-color and amount of shimmer are on point! The bronzer? Not so much but I’m only attributing that to me still having my winter color (which is pure white by the way).  I will give it a whirl when I am back on my faux bronzing schedule!

Dior Ultra Addict Lipstick in 487:  You won’t see me raving about Dior products much or hardly ever anymore but I do enjoy this lipstick. Color is great for my skin tone in any season-it’s peachy-pink! Please note, Dior addict lipsticks are quite sheer-they are hydrating but not much color.  Also, they are expensive so choose wisely.  There are many many dupes at drugstore price points so do a quick Google search before you make your way to Dior.

Yardley English Lavender Moisturizing Body Lotion and Eau De Toilette: I have to say this was the shocker for me this week. I thought for SURE I was going to be giving this product or these products a negative review.  But I honestly can NOT do that.  The lotion was a HUGE surprise. It is SO moisturizing and has the right amount of fragrance. It absorbs quickly and the scent does linger but has a great finish-as does the toilette.  My only hang up is that the lotion bottle is too small. I’ve used this for just over a week and I’m already a quarter of the way through it.  I think Yardley should make a BIGGER size bottle. Honestly, with the texture, it could almost be called a cream and if they whipped it, a body butter!

So that was my week in products for you-thanks for reading and hope you enjoyed.  Let me know in the comments below if you are interested in any of these products, if you have recommendations, and heck say anything you want!





My favorites from…….IT Cosmetics

Just in case you’re not familiar with IT cosmetics-and some people aren’t….here’s a snippet or two from their website:

IT Cosmetics® works with leading plastic surgeons to infuse cutting edge anti-aging technology into truly innovative, high performance color cosmetics. A favorite line of both celebrities and beauty editors, IT Cosmetics has several award-winning products and has been featured in hundreds of leading magazines and television shows.