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Glow baby Glow! My Miracle 10 peel & skincare-it’s not what you’d expect, it’s better!

If you’ve read my blog, read my Facebook timeline, twitter timeline, or instagram timeline-you will know I’ve been around the skincare circuit.  Especially in Toronto….

You’ve been asking, so now I’m going to tell….

I’ve also blogged and spoken about (via social media) the Miracle 10 skincare boutique in Yorkville.  I’ve been there several times for a master class, and for IPL treatments –blog post

There are so many reasons to love Miracle10 -service and product.  My main reason for using their products almost exclusively is because they WORK with the ‘power of 10’

10 hours-noticeable results in smoothness & clarity

10 days-discoloration and dullness visibly improved

10 weeks-appearance of wrinkles and pore size diminished


The Miracle 10 Skincare collection is rooted in the science of the skin’s own healing abilities. Our scientifically proven recovery compounds include essential active ingredients ranging from Grapeseed Oil, Vitamins C and E, to Retinol, and EMC10, our patented blend of peptides. These laboratory tested ingredients bring skin to a whole new level of beauty, clarity and radiance.

The Miracle10 Facial Peel:

The revolutionary Miracle10 Facial Peel combines a fruit enzyme scrub with a unique derma-planing treatment to slough off layers of dull, dry skin.  A mild lactic or glycolic peel is applied to the skin, followed by a soothing, anti-oxidant rich clay mask. Extractions may be conducted as necessary.  Skin will look and feel  soft and supple.

I just came from my latest Miracle10 treatment-their face peel, and it was so good I have to tell you about it.  Like I said, I’ve had peels before.  The aesthetician cleanses your face and then applies the peel for several minutes, it tingles, she removes it, applies moisturizer and away you go.

Not at Miracle10….

I arrived at the clinic and was led to a treatment room.  Nadia, the esthetican asked me a series of questions and then explained the treatment.  She cleansed my face.  Then she began to Dermaplane.  Just in case you don’t know, Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz).  Using a scalpel and a delicate touch, the provider simply abrades the surface of the skin using light feathering strokes.

After the Dermaplane, she applied the peel.  There are 3 types of peels available, and the one applied on my skin was a lactic acid peel (the most gentle.  Glycolic and Salcyclic are also offered).  She left it on for several minutes (a fan was blowing on my face), then used soft cotton pads to ‘buff’ the product into my skin.  She removed the peel afterwards by using cool cotton pads.

After the cotton pads, she gave me goggles to wear and applied dry ice to my skin to ensure it was absolutely clean (this kills any remaining bacteria).  It felt cool on my skin.

A hydrating, cooling masque was applied to my face and the lights were lowered.  The masque sat on my face for approximately 15 minutes and it felt wonderful!

At the end of the treatment, sunscreen was applied and then it was over.


This isn’t your average peel

I recommend it

  • There are several stand out features of this peel: dermaplane, masque
  • the skincare products complement the treatment(s) available
  • I’m sticking with Miracle10

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