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Drugstore products that are hitting it out of the park!

Anyone else loving the new products out from the drugstore besides me? I feel like drugstore brands have really stepped up to the plate and brought their A game.  I find myself reaching for more drugstore products than high end lately…..which I’m surprised about.  My wallet is thanking me though!

Let me know if you’ve tried any of my current favorites in the comments below. I’d love to hear your experiences with them.


L’Oreal EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment-yes please!

I’ve been making drastic changes to my hair for as long as I can remember. From blonde to red to auburn to chocolate brown, I have put my hair through the ringer.  So I wasn’t at all surprised when I went to see a stylist (for a wedding I was to attend) and she replied, “Wow, why is your hair so dry? I can’t even pull the brush through it.” Was that comment snarky? Yes.  Was it completely unwarranted? No. When I returned home that night, I dove into my bathroom hair closet (yes I have several shelves devoted to hair products) for some immediate intervention.

Suprisingly enough, I hadn’t even opened this product. I have had several horrific experiences at salons who would pile on the Moroccan oil, and several hours later, my locks were limp and greasy. No thank you.  However, I knew that this was an intervention and it was time to get serious about restoring my hair’s lustre.


From the box:

EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment is a luxurious cocktail with precious Argan Oil from Morocco, and Sunflower Oil.  It instantly infuses hair to condition and seal in salon-smoothness.  This ultra-silky formula immediately absorbs into hair without feeling greasy or heavy so hair flows with movement.  Supremely sleek, purely luminous and 100% frizz defiant.  Perfect for all hair types.


Apply 1-2 pumps evenly through damp hair.  Avoid the roots. Do not rinse.  Style as usual.   Apply 1 pump on dry hair to add shine.

How I use it:

I use this oil on dry hair at night AND in the morning. I use 1-2 pumps at night the night before I wash my hair and use it on my ends in the morning.  I find it a lot lighter and easier to work with than Moroccan Oil.  While it IS possible to overdo it with this oil, following the instructions should keep you in the clear.


I’ve been using this for several weeks in addition to giving my hair a treatment twice a week.  Honestly, I’m not sure when my hair has felt better (of course I mean when I style it-it is usually awesome when I leave the salon after having a professional treatment/style).  I do like it-the texture, the fragrance (which is light but it IS there) and the results.  It’s less expensive than Moroccan oil but yields fantastsic results!

Overall, I do recommend this product.  It’s helped bring my hair back to life!



Single push, absolute color-L’Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue!

Home hair color……I’m not good at it.  I tend to leave my locks in the hands of professionals.

I put my skeptics hat squarely on my head as I made my way over to Delmonaco hair studio to experience L’Oréal Paris’ newest home haircolor, Mousse Absolue.

I was quite impressed by the shade offerings but even MORE impressed with the actual product and technology….is it outlandish to deem a haircolor ‘innovative’?


One of my pals, Davida did an EXCELLENT post on this event and the product itself.  Please click on ‘excellent’ to see her post!

From L’Oréal Paris:

Discover a colour of extraordinary freshness: a colour of exquisite brilliance, irresistible delicacy and inimitable purity. At the very heart of Mousse Absolue, a colour of pristine beauty, in its most original form.

With Mousse Absolue, L’Oréal Paris goes still further with the consistency of colouring mousse. Firmer, richer and smoother, its texture is impeccable, and can be spread evenly over the hair. The precious automatic mixing of the colour is then ideally applied to obtain the most absolute of colours.

Directions for application:

1 After the aerosol is shaken, with a single push the mousse, with its perfect proportion of colorants and developer, is deposited delicately onto your hair.
2 Mix well – no need for any other tools…. Apply the mousse gently over the hair. It turns into a cream, and can be massaged in with the hands and fingers.
3 After leaving for the required time, rinse, apply the sublimator, and discover some truly haute-couture colours.


Did I mention this product can be used more than once? THAT’S RIGHT- MORE. THAN. ONCE!

For the first time with L’Oréal Paris, haircolor can be used again. The content of the pack means that you can make two complete
applications on short hair, or one application and touch up mid-length hair. The pleasure of colouring is prolonged with Mousse Absolue and every woman can now touch up her hair like a true professional.

So how did this turn out on moi?  Take a look!





L’Oréal Paris Mousse Absolue is available in 14 shades and is on shelves RIGHT NOW! Suggested retail is $18.99 (but I’ve seen it on sale for $15.99 recently). AMAZING.  I’ll give home hair color another whirl and a BIG THUMBS UP!


New Series! My favorites from……L’Oréal Paris!

I’ve decided to really look ‘within’ …….my stash that is.  I’m going to be attempting a new series on my blog with the above title.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to post once a week with favorites from a particular brand.  That’s certainly the idea anyway.  I thought I would kick things off with L’Oréal Paris since I have tried a wide range of their products and skin care.


L’Oreal Paris steps up their skin care game with Youth Code Texture Perfector

I have a “thing” for the Youth Code line….and who wouldn’t? Like every other 40-something I am searching high and low for that fountain of youth.  L’Oreal has given me a reason to run…..to the drugstore! L’Oreal Paris introduces Youth Code texture perfector skincare that targets texture imperfections to reveal smoother, more even-looking skin in as little as one week.  The newest additions to the popular Youth Code family of products are designed to perfect skin’s quality by refining the look of fine lines, pores, and uneven texture for a flawless, airbrushed look.


L’Oreal Paris Colour Riche press on nails-not your average press on!

I don’t know a woman, cross-dresser, or drag queen in North America that hasn’t used press-on nails at least once!  I remember the “Lee press ons” craze that swept the US in the late 80’s.  They were so convenient and made french manicures so simple……but alas, that was pretty much all there was, wasn’t there? Solid colors or french manicures.

Well, press on nails have come a long way baby!  L’Oreal Paris has introduced a new collection that you simply must try!  These aren’t your “Lee press on” type nails-sure there are french manicure styles available but there are so many patterns and designs to choose from!  Even better, the technology has evolved to the point where these nails will stay on for longer than your next stage debut errrrr I mean event.

I normally wear a gel lacquer on my nails (shellac, et al.) but decided to take a break from all of that and I know it’s wise to kind of ‘cycle’ on and off these lacquer polishes, leaving my nails in need of some TLC.  After a thorough manicure with a LOT of cuticle work, I decided against polish of any sort.  However, what is a girl to do when she heads to the office? Weak, brittle nails? No thanks, how about a french manicure with a twist?


terrible flash I know but I have since destroyed the package so this is it!

terrible flash I know but I have since destroyed the package so this is it!

How to apply:

1. Clean and wash hands thoroughly.

2.  Select correct size of press-on nail for each finger.

3. Apply adhesive stickers slightly smaller than each natural nail-peel off backing.

4.  Apply press-on nails then press down the middle and down each side firmly.

5. For best wear, repress a few times and avoid contact with water for the first hour.

L’Oreal Colour Riche Press-On Nails come with 24 nails in 12 sizes and boast an impressive 7 day wear with no liquid glue! There are 8 different designs available in July 2013 with a suggested retail price of $14.99 CAD. Cuticle pusher included!

Neat, sweet, chic!


check it out!

check it out!


L’Oreal Paris Hot Hues and Wild Ombre!

Did you know approximately 58% of Canadian women color their hair?  And that these women color there hair at home on average 6 times a year?

Eric Delmonaco and Christophe Robin of L’Oreal Paris spoke to myself and several other bloggers recently about the Hot Haircolor Hues for 2013.


“2013 is the year to get playful with color, especially if you’ve never colored before.” ~Eric Delmonaco

Christophe Robin shares his insight into the hottest haircolors for 2013: