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Turn a bad situation into a good one Tuesday! Sure, why not?

I am deeming today “Turn a bad situation into a good one” Tuesday.  I forgot to apply my (current favorite) mascara, Le Big Show from Annabelle.  Rather than confuse the hell out of my other half and try to get him to find it and drop it off at my office (and YES I have done that before), I decided to either purchase a new mascara or grab some falsies from MAC.


2011 Beauty Favorites!

I have been seeing a lot of  bloggers posting about their 2011 favorites!  There are so many great posts I’ve had to start a list of products that I want to check out.  I want to express my appreciation for the time it takes beauty bloggers to write posts-especially reviews and tutorials.  I know that an incredible amount of work goes into making videos and posting reviews.  I am so glad to know you and truly value your opinions/advice.  I don’t buy ANY beauty products without checking out what bloggers have to say about them!  It’s the only way!


Mascara-what’s your favorite?

I am a huge fan of lash extensions (and have talked about them several times on my blog) so I haven’t been using mascara since…..well probably July.  However, I have decided to let me lashes “rest” for a month or two and have gone back to using mascara.


Friday! Friday!

I could’ve put in the Rebecca Black video but thought I would spare you!  Here’s my video instead!

MAC Surf Baby mini haul!

So until recently, I had NOT purchased anything from the Surf Baby collection.  However, a trip to the MAC store on Queen Street changed my mind. I was especially interested in the Cheek Powder, which almost every store is out of.  Not giving up, I made a small purchase at the Bloor Street Store-which is undergoing renovations!

Anyhoo, here it is:

MAC Surf Baby

eyeliner=Blue Noon

eyeshadow=Surf USA

lipstick=Bust Out

I have an idea for an eye look but now I feel like I should pick up Saffron?  Thoughts? Also has anyone tried False Lashes? I am on the fence about buying it-mostly because it is NOT waterproof!




One of my favorite things to do while I am home is visit Saks Fifth Avenue.  I think I could spend the whole day in that store.  When I approach it, I swear I see a golden light around it (cue the angels).  I step inside and am in cosmetic/beauty heaven!  Most of the time my visits are spent entirely on the cosmetic/beauty floor (I am talking 2-3 hours just on the first floor).   I just love looking at all the products that I can’t purchase in Canada!