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Updated! Canada’s Best Beauty Talent-and 3 amazing people that I know who have entered!

*update*  I love love LOVE that more talented ladies that I know personally are entering this!  What a fantastic opportunity to showcase your skills!  Read below!  If you know someone that should be added to this list, send me their name and I’ll be happy to give them a shout! 

I have just got to post about this great contest that’s going on within Canada.  Not just because L’Oréal has been talking about it….but also because 2  3 amazingly talented people I personally know have submitted entries.  I actually hope some more people will get ‘vocal’ with me on twitter and mention that they have submitted!  I love seeing new beauty talent!


2011 Beauty Favorites!

I have been seeing a lot of  bloggers posting about their 2011 favorites!  There are so many great posts I’ve had to start a list of products that I want to check out.  I want to express my appreciation for the time it takes beauty bloggers to write posts-especially reviews and tutorials.  I know that an incredible amount of work goes into making videos and posting reviews.  I am so glad to know you and truly value your opinions/advice.  I don’t buy ANY beauty products without checking out what bloggers have to say about them!  It’s the only way!


GIVEAWAY-my first ever so check it out!

Hey all!

I was recently home (NY) and decided to purchase some beauty items-especially ones that I know are difficult (at the moment) to get in Canada.

Let me get right to the point-so you can see what you have an opportunity to win!

elf duo shadow kit with brush

elf book of shadows Brights edition

Maybelline Baby Lips in 10 Peppermint, 15 Cherry me, 20 Grape vine, 25 Pink Punch

Revlon lip butters in 075 lollipop and 045 Cotton Candy

Wet and Wild L/E eyeshadows in 33649 Earth looks small from down here, 33645 Bright Idea, and 33647 Dancing in the Clouds! I don't think these ever made it to Canada!

So there you have it….doesn’t this look tempting?

What do you have to do?

Wellllll…..I’ll let Rafflecopter handle that:


Holiday beauty with Arbonne!

I had the pleasure of meeting Davida G. just over a year ago at a Toronto Beauty Blogger Event.  She is beyond wonderful-especially in personality.   When I found out that she was an Arbonne Independent Consultant, District Manager, I thought…really? How can she be a makeup artist and ‘limit’ herself to only Arbonne products?