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Keep your hair nourished-with Live-Clean Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil

*I was sent this product for review*

Since I’m a blonde again, I feel as if all is right with the world.

Unfortunately, being a blonde comes with some less than stellar things….one of which is extremely dry ends.  I’m the person who takes ‘good’ care of their hair too-deep conditioning treatments, only washing 3 days a week, using a UV protectant on my hair. So I’m adding something new to my routine.

age resist miracle nutrition oil

LiveClean Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil to the rescue!  It’s a dual layer oil that’s used as a pre-shampoo tratment.  It contains Rosehip, Avocado and Jojoba Oils to smooth hair and make it more manageable.  Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein attaches to the hair shaft, increasing sheen, lustre and density of each hair strand, causing hair to appear thicker and fuller. LiveClean products are 99% plant derived, paraben, phthalate and Phosphate-free.

I’ll take it!

This product has a suggested retail of $11.99 CAD and is 100ml. You can find it at most mass retailers.

Stay tuned for an additional blog post on 2 other oils from liveclean!

Forever young-hair edition! Live Clean Age Resist haircare!

*I received this product for review*

I won’t deny that I am ALL about anti-aging products, especially after the recent passing of my 40th year on this wonderful planet of ours.  I’ve tried one other anti-aging haircare system (from Pantene, called Age Defy) and was impressed by everything except the price.


Live Clean Age Resist consists of 4 products that address the issues of aging hair.

The Claims:

§  Age Resist Shampoo is gentle – it won’t strip colour treated hair

§  Age Resist Conditioner contains a new natural silicone alternative

§  Age Resist Multi 10 in 1 Treatment – it’s magic! One pump is all you need and apply it on towel-dried, still damp hair. Can be used daily!

§  Age Resist Miracle Nutrition Oil – this is the big gun – it’s the perfect once a week treatment and very beneficial right now when cold temperatures, dry air and hair tools have taken all the moisture from your hair

My Thoughts:

I’ve been using this consistently for about 3 weeks now. I like to use shampoo, conditioners and styling products/treatments for that long BECAUSE I feel like it takes that long to see any type of result.  I like this shampoo & conditioner. It’s got a pleasant, light fragrance (smells like plants/forest to me).  It lathers nicely, rinses out clean, and doesn’t leave my scalp itchy.

My stand out product is the 10 in 1,which I use every time I wash my hair (4 times a week for me).  It reminds me VERY much of Pantene’s BB cream for hair, which I also like very much!

The Miracle Oil is good-I use that once a week, usually on Friday night. I don’t tend to wash my hair at all on the weekends unless I am going out.  The ‘down time’ for my hair gives this product time to penetrate and nourish the root of my hair.

Did this product stop my hair from aging?  That is yet to be seen but I did like the way my hair felt after using the system.  It’s friendly to the environment AND the wallet with products ranging from $8.99-$11.99.