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Keeping my brows in check with Annabelle skinny brow liner

I think the universe gets more than a good giggle when it looks at my eyebrows.  They have NEVER been “right” in my eyes.

Over the years I have many many people pluck, tweeze, wax, and thread them into shape….but they have never quite achieved perfection to me.  I have an assortment of tools to help them out:

Unfortunately these tools only work if I USE THEM (*lightbulb*)

Okay so while I WILL leave the shaping to the professionals, I have stumbled upon a product that has helped me on my journey to brow perfection!

Enter Annabelle Skinny Brow liner-an extra precise, retractable AND waterproof brow liner (waterproof? I would never even bother to check if a brow product was waterproof).  Let’s take a peek at this:

On one end, there’s product.  Enough said right?  Well I will mention, this pencil is extremely smooth and soft enough to let you create/fill in those brows but not so tough that your grinding and pulling it along your forehead. I know we have all had that old school eyebrow pencil we love to hate-ADMIT IT!

It’s the other end that really got me interested in this product….check out this pink comb:


I LOVE this because it’s graduated.  So I don’t have to reposition or turn the brush-it’s in the perfect spot the entire time. And

that’s it. A couple of quick strokes and I look like I’m born with beautiful brows!

Simply put, the brush has made me love this product!

P.S. Skinny Brow liner comes in Universal Light, Universal Medium, and Universal Dark shades.


What’s the deal with your brows? How do you keep them in tip top shape?