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SUMMER SIZZLE- Skin Essentials to keep your skin in check this summer!

*This is a Beauty United Post*

I’ve been serious about skincare for several years now….and as I age, it’s even more important to me.   Check out these great products from Olay, Pantene, Venus, and Secret to help keep your skin protected this summer while you have fun in the sun.  Stay tuned for my reviews on some of these products!!  Let me know if you’ve tried any of these in the comments below!



Venus Swirl Razor-is it really that great?

This post contains a product that was sent for review.  My opinion is my own and does not change regardless of whether product was sent or I forked over my own hard earned $$$

I’ve been a razor girl since I was about 15-so yes, over 20 years! I’ve tried a lot of razors over those 20+ years.  My main ‘hang up’ is that the refill cartridges can be pricey….and that the razors aren’t that great to begin with.

I decided I would gauge the effectiveness of the Swirl against a current ‘favored’ razor , the Dorco Shai.  Now, the Dorco does NOT have a Flexiball but other than that, they are fairly similar, take a look:

From L-R, Dorco Shai, Venus Swirl

From L-R, Dorco Shai, Venus Swirl

Dorco Shai:

Dorco Shai:

4 blades with a pivot head.  The Dorco Shai has a lubricating strip with chamomile and olive oil and rubber grip handle.

Venus Swirl:

5 blades, and moisture glade serum, as well as a microfine comb.  Also has Flexiball and rubber grip handle.

Areas tested:

Armpits, lower leg, upper leg.  Shai was used on Right side, Swirl used on the left.  I used Gillette Shave Gel for women in the scent ‘Lavendar Kiss’ on both sides.


Overall, I’ll say that both razors did a great job removing hair. I’m not showing ‘after’ results, you will have to take my word for it!!!  I will say that for areas like my armpit and knees, I did prefer the Swirl as I felt it really DID glide and flex over the curves.  Both of my legs were equally smooth but I felt better about shaving all areas with the Swirl-again, because of the flex technology.  Design-wise the Swirl wins for sure!


The Venus Swirl will be available on February 9th at Walmart in-store and online at Walmart.ca.  Want to chat about this razor?  How about @GilletteVenus




Dermalogica Skin Savvy SHAVE event!

What a fabulous Thursday I just had….

Even though not specifically intended for moi, I was lucky enough to tag along with my other half to the SHAVE event held at Dermalogica!

My first time here, so I had to take some photos of the space because this is the kind of office I would never be late for:

Steve and Nadia look like they are in a really good place right now 🙂

After meeting Emily P. (of Marketing Coordinator at Dermalogica fame-and of course, yours truly neglected to get a photo with her-boo) and Nadia (Clean Start Brand Manager & manager of Consumer events to include Skin Savvy events and joinFITE), I immediately checked out the ‘spread.’  Quite fantastic in a dude sort of way:

And let’s not forget, Sir Francis who served the best Steam Whistle on ice EVER!

How can you NOT want beer from this guy?

Dermalogica and event staff (Steam Whistle)

*spoiler alert* pay attention to the gentlemen in front with the gangster pose (Sean), he is going to look pretty dang different later on.

So we were ushered into a treatment/presentation room where we met Miss Charmaine.  Isn’t she lovely?

Charmaine was about to reveal the “proper” or shall I say ideal way to prep the skin for shaving, the actual way to shave, and what to do after shaving!  The Power Point was not only incredibly informative, it was also interactive/hands on AND there was a live straight blade shave demonstration going at the Dermalogica Skin Centre courtesy of  MANKIND Grooming Studio.  Check it out:

Now, that’s a close shave!

The presentation:

Playing with product:

Clean Bar (above)

Brandon also got his face misted by Amanda of Dermalogica:

His "I-know-how-important-toner-is-now" face

*psssst* The Multi-Active Toner was Brandon’s favorite product! 

Oh wow did we learn a lot!  Check out the 3 steps:

1.       Pre-shave– Cleansing, exfoliating and beard prep


2.       Shave – A medium to lift & soften the beard whilst protecting the skin


3.       Post-shave – Soothe, cool, hydrate, condition & protect skin

And some fun facts for you:

Some of the differences of men vs. women

hair growth on the beard area

larger oil glands = an oilier skin

more prone to skin problems such as acne and blackheads

skin is 25% thicker

both sexes lose 1% collagen per year after 30


the beard grows 2mm a day!

men spend at least 6 months of their lives shaving

shaving imposes constant stress on the male skin

razors create minute scratches

the outer layers of the skin are removed by force


I can’t forget some of the products we got to try:

Clean Bar

  • tea tree to purify
  • allantoin & licorice to soothe
  • soap-free


Daily Clean Scrub

·         tea tree & grapefruit to purify

·         clears pores, lifts hair & minimizes in-growns


Pre-Shave Guard

  • softens coarser beards & minimizes razor burn
  • provides extra cushion between skin & razor
  • camphor cools & helps lift beard from the skin


Soothing Shave Cream

  • ultra-lubricating medium weight cream that delivers a super close shave
  • calming, antiseptic shave cream reinforces natural protective barrier


Close Shave Oil

  • creates an instant cushion between skin & razor
  • ultra-smooth shaving oil minimizes nicks, cuts & razor burn


Invigorating Shave Gel

·         lightweight shaving gel soothes, cools & softens

·         wheat germ oil & yeast extract calm irritation & reinforce barrier layer


Post-Shave Balm

·         a light-weight treatment balm that reduces irritation & redness

·         panthenol & aloe accelerate post shave recovery


Multi-Active Toner

·         aloe vera

·         refreshes and hydrates the skin


Daily Defense Block SPF15

·         lightweight, non-greasy daytime moisturizer quickly absorbs into skin

·         promotes skin’s recovery while providing protection


Active Moist

·         lemon & mallow to soothe

·         oil-free hydration

·         easily absorbed for night-time protection

I WILL be purchasing the active moist…that sounds like such a delightful nighttime cocktail for my skin 🙂

And of course, Dermalogica is a founding partner of joinFITE (Financial Independence Through Entrepreneurship.  This global initiative supports women in developing countries who are entrepreneurs.  I encourage you to check out their website  (go prepared, bring tissues….there is a VERY powerful video clip on the website.  The clip that was played on Thursday practically had me in tears).  Give a hand UP not a hand OUT.

After the presentation/demonstration/product play, there was a raffle drawing (with all proceeds going to joinFITE).  Well drumroll please, my other half WON!  Here is his prize-I was quite jealous:

"man" prize envy

And let’s not forget his ‘swag bag’

And how classy, I was given a bag too:

*squuuueeeeaaallllll* I got a gift bag too. The candle is lovely 🙂

Emily was kind enough to snap this shot!

What a great way to spend a Thursday evening-learned a lot, met some great people and won (insert Charlie Sheen *winning* joke here)!

Thank you times infinity to Emily, Nadia, Steve, Charmaine, Amanda, Kerri from Dermalogica for having me (and my other half) at the event.  Also shout outs to Francis from SteamWhistle, Jason and Anka from MANKIND, and of course, let us not forget joinFITE.

Websites you should check out if you haven’t already:

Dermalogica Canada


MANKIND grooming Studio

Steam Whistle Brewery

What’s your skin care routine? Do you take good care of your face?