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Ballet. As an adult.

Yes you read that right.  I am stepping out of my comfy little box and out from behind my screen.  And trying.  There will be more to come on this later, but for now I’ll leave you with some inspiration ….and my feet.



What’s your weekend shoe situation? Try style with Sanuk!

I’m wondering if you are like me and have those days where you need to do a lot of running or even some lounging but may have to go outside.  What kind of shoe do you wear on THOSE types of days? Do you suck it up and drag out your boots or running shoes and socks?  Do you say screw it and throw your foot into a flat even though you’re in your yoga pants?



#Feelthebeach with Sanuk-walk in these shoes already!



The brand has been around since 1997 when founder Jeff Kelley started making sandals out of inner tubes and indoor-outdoor carpet. This spirit of innovation grew and became the backbone of the brand. Today, Sanuk makes products that are as much about funk and funk as they are about function. Feet are happiest when they tread the road less traveled- so we design our sandals accordingly!

Sanuk’s Spring 2015 collection takes you beyond the beach and the Bar-B-Q with the introduction of trend-right footwear that is sure to excite shoe aficionados. We’re taking Sanuk’s unique comfort beyond our sandals and patented Sidewalk Surfers, and introducing an entirely new category of contemporary shoes. Influenced by the spirit of the season, the collection is infused with uninhibited color and artful prints. The shoes feature a tailored fit, are offered in half sizes and come boxed, unlike Sanuk’s traditional hanging footwear. The collection features a variety of styles and silhouettes allowing anyone to experience the fun and function that is Sanuk and expressing personality through style.

They have a shoe for everyone….and here I thought I was just looking at some flip flops.  Wrong, wrong, WRONG.  Check this out:

IMG_20150310_144638IMG_20150310_144722IMG_20150310_144849IMG_20150310_145054IMG_20150310_145449IMG_20150310_145457IMG_20150310_145509IMG_20150310_145526IMG_20150310_145520IMG_20150310_145552IMG_20150310_150150IMG_20150310_150200So there really is something for EVERYONE here. From the Boardroom to the commute to the beach, Sanuk has got you (or your feet) covered! The footwear is comfortable AND fashionable!  The sole (pictured above) is made of a special  material that gives you the comfort you need and allows you to ‘go sockless’  (sans fear of odor) -yes in March!

Check out my feet in some Sanuk footwear!


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