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Gift ideas for the beauty in YOUR life- websites to shop!

Hey not everyone loves the thrill of shopping-especially during the busy holiday season.  If you’re the type of person who would rather sit in front of the _______ (insert your favorite place here) fireplace, television, Xbox, then how about using your mouse to shop for the beauties on your list?

Some of my favorite websites for beauty products:

The Shopping You can’t go wrong here.  They have EVERYTHING-not just beauty.  Prices are competitive and shipping is QUICK.  I have bought everything from sheets to footwear to apparel to jewelry to makeup and have rarely been disappointed.  The return policy is a snap and customer service is hassle free!  In my opinion, this is the Shopping Channel for beauty products.  Great selection, fantastic pricing, and terrific promotions (check out my post on their gift bag). This site has items that I’ve never heard of until I’ve clicked!  Quick shipping and easy returns.  This is for all the nail polish people! I didn’t know there were that many different kinds of polish and nail accessories until I visited this site.  Best of all-this site is up on all the latest trends, has great pricing, and fast shipping.  They will occasionally host fantastic contests with drool-worthy prizes!  P.S. This is the site to visit if you’re looking for ‘popular’ polish or polish not easily accessible in Canada.  This is a subscription box service that also has an online store (with full size products from the Glymm box).  I like this site because they have unique items that I wouldn’t know of unless I was specifically looking for them.  Shipping is not as quick as I would like but they manage in a decent amount of time.  Check this site for ‘luxury’ beauty products.

There you have it…some of my favorite sites to make crossing the names off of your gift list even easier!  Even though the selection is great and shipping IS quick, don’t delay.  The holidays are practically here!

Maharajah jewels-jewelry for the future inspired by the past!

I’m not necessarily a fashionista but I really do love a proper maxi skirt, maxi dress, or sarong paired with a tunic or a tank top for summer.  I’m super happy that these items seem to be ‘en vogue’ this summer.

So now that I have my maxi skirt and my cute tank, how should I accessorize?

Shalini Bhardwaj has the answer…..

Isn't she lovely?

She has created Maharajah’s Jewels-a style of jewelry that is inspired by rulers (or kings)-the most rich and bejeweled citizens of the world (at that time).  She has created pieces that resemble genuine heirlooms passed down from generations.  Her jewelry is handcrafted to actually appear to belong to a period where ALL jewelry was handmade but is also intertwined with Shalini’s personal and modern ‘twist.’

Maharajah’s Jewels:

-22 karat plated (base metal is silver)

-diamonds are simulated or quartz

-gemstones are natural; stone sizes are large

-reflective foils are placed behind set stones to allow them to shine brightly

-many pieces have delicate, colorful enamel backs referred to as “champleve”

But let’s take a look at some of the actual jewelry:

Maharajah Egyptian Filigree cuff

Maharajah Green Onyx & Quartz Necklace

Maharajah At the Heart Earrings

This is the type of jewelry that I just love to wear during the summer.  When I wear this type of jewelry, I think of long, loose flowy fabrics, walks on a beach during a sunset, and the most fabulous feasts! These pieces are truly wearable and so luxurious.  Shalini truly had the future in mind when she designed these pieces-they are for a fashion forward woman, who is financially savvy,  but values quality and craftmanship often overlooked in today’s jewelry market. Pictures don’t do these pieces justice-they are truly bold statement pieces meant to be worn and cherished!

Maharajah’s Jewels launch on the Shopping Channel on Saturday, May 12th!  Indulge in quality, wearability and style!

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Can you see yourself wearing the Maharajah’s jewels or this type of jewelry? Do you wear statement jewelry?  What does your jewelry say about you?


Various hauls throughout the week!

Short but sweet….I have been shopping this week.  I still have some random items that I will have to photograph.  I haven’t used anything I bought to the point that I can write an ‘objective’ review on it (yet).  So here are the photos: