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Thomas Sabo F/W 2014 preview!

I don’t like to say too much when I post Thomas Sabo photos.  I feel like what I say either doesn’t do the photo justice or distracts from the photos.  So, I’ll get everything out at the beginning and let you all drool over the photos. All sorts of fabulousness came together from all corners of the GTA to celebrate the launch of the new sterling silver Glam & Soul, Karma beads, watches and some new additions to the Rebel at Heart collections.  This was a fantastic event and a kind of ‘tradition’ that I would like to say I’m getting used to because I love it so much! Faulhaber Communications pulled out all the stops.  I have some favorite pieces and I’m sure you do too. I’d love to read what they are, so make sure you post in the comment section below!



One of my favorite pieces

One of my favorite pieces

hand model Melissa shows off a beautiful ring....

hand model Melissa shows off a beautiful ring….

Hand Model Kate displays my other favorite piece in this collection....hopefully it will be mine soon!

Hand Model Kate displays my other favorite piece in this collection….hopefully it will be mine soon!

One of several collections of gorgeous-ness!

One of several collections of gorgeous-ness!

Let’s not forget about the food….*almost* as beautiful as the jewellry.  Lots of thought put into display-check it out:

Macaron tree....look how many have already been claimed!

Macaron tree….look how many have already been claimed!


It's the little touches.....

It’s the little touches…..


Finally, a shot of me and my beautiful companions for the evening-do they know how to dress/pose or what? Professionals…..


And because I’m a stickler like that, a shout out to Liz at Me and T studio for my nails, which coordinated perfectly with my dress:


This event was well done-I didn’t doubt it would be.  I highly HIGHLY encourage you to check out the new pieces from Thomas Sabo-there is truly something for everyone and every taste.

Find Thomas Sabo:

on the internet

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on facebook

Huge thank you to Faulhaber Communications for inviting me to this event. I always enjoy it and appreciate all of your efforts in putting this together.


My so called life-Adventures in……hair modeling

Haircare & maintenance can be costly-especially if you desire, healthy, shiny, glossy hair. I won’t admit or divulge how much my hair “costs” a year but be advised, it’s a 4 digit number.  EXPENSIVE.  Since my financial situation has changed, I’ve been searching out new ways to have the hair I want at a lower price point.  Easy? No.  Possible? YES.

I’m no supermodel….well, at least not yet.  Believe me, I’m working on it!  But have you ever heard of hair modeling?  Hair modeling is a service offered by salons or hair academies/schools/institutes (often trendy ones!) that offer a complimentary or reduced price service (or services). You offer up your head for several hours, and get a hair service! Sounds good, right?

Is hair modeling for you?  Maybe….I suggest that you be an open-minded  individual.  Hair modeling isn’t necessarily for someone who wants a trim.  This type of opportunity is for someone who is willing to change-whether it be an edgy style or a color change.  Sometimes, an educator will use a hair model in front of salon staff to demonstrate new colour/cutting/styling techniques so if you’re shy, hair modeling may (also) not be for you.

I stumbled upon an opportunity at worldSALON in Toronto!


photo credit: worldSALON


From worldSALON website:

 worldSALON is an award-winning beauty hot spot which has been heralded as one of Canada’s top salons, frequented by the cognoscenti of the business, film and television communities.  worldSALON is the only salon in North America to use solar panels to heat the water. Our green achievements include: Award from Greenest City, certificate of achievement from the Ontario Power Authority, and the Green Circle Award for Environmental Stewardship. We are also a producer of the unique plant-based multi-use skin and hair care line, worldPRODUCTS.

I met with Marc (the educator) from La Biosthetique Canada on a snowy afternoon to come up with a ‘plan.’  This was to be done over 2 days-color was done in advance due to time allotment for training/education.  We had a great conversation and he told me a little about the line (which I had never heard of-shocking, yes?).  Stay tuned for a future post about products…..this salon has products that are very different from any other salon  to include the owner’s own creations (Brian Phillips).

I left the salon with a fresh color and actually started getting a bit anxious about the “cut” portion.  The color looked so wonderful-why do I need a cut, I thought.

The next day came and off I went to worldSALON.  There was a chair in the middle of the salon and then 5 other chairs arranged in a U-shape around this chair.  I took my spot in the chair and away we went! Here was my view:

The beautiful people of worldSALON!

The beautiful people of worldSALON!

I thought, well now is a great time to learn about hair cutting and styling…..and my takeaway from that was….

There really needs to be  a “Thank a stylist day” -so much for me listening.  The educator started speaking and it went right over my head.  I consider myself a fairly savvy, educated individual but after listening (and being a participant in that demonstration), I KNOW NOTHING.  I wish I could show you the guides that the educator had given out to the staff….they had all sorts of shapes, and color combinations.  He was speaking of where, how, and why he was applying color in particular places on my head.  I always thought it was “foil and go”-how wrong I was! It was NASA level formulas/informations, in fact I was surprised it wasn’t stamped “CLASSIFIED”

the amazing Marc the educator!

the amazing Marc the educator!

So while he was cutting away, I went off to my happy place 🙂

What I’m trying to say here is I had NO idea that level of complex information was required to cut and style my hair.  Incredible.  And the staff sat there and observed it all, asking questions.  The educator himself asked questions at the end of the demonstration and the staff were quick to answer.  I thought, “I can not believe they retained that” -because I had no idea what the educator was saying.  I only knew that my hair felt and looked wonderful! As Marc was finishing up, more hair models arrived as the staff was now going to practice what they had just learned… absorbing this information was key!  Here’s a link to worldSALON’s facebook page so you can see for yourself!

Saying goodbye to the fried, split ends that made up my 'old' style!

Saying goodbye to the fried, split ends that made up my ‘old’ style!

I won’t get into worldSALON much here, but I will be posting separately about the salon as it is worthy of it’s own post! They carry lines/brands of hair products that I had never heard of before going there!  I also want to update on my hair and something I noticed right away about the color! Thank you to Marc Riese of La Biosthetique, Brian Phillips of worldSALON, and the staff of worldSALON for allowing me to participate, I’m very happy!  Special shout outs to Emily for reading my email!!

So, would you hair model?  Why or why not? Tell me in the comments section below!


Happy Holidays this is not an emergency #darkTO #icestormTO

Saturday, December 21st 2013 will be a day I won’t forget. Not because it was the last weekend before Christmas and I was trying to run around and get last minute shopping done.  Not because I was going to use the next day (and my only day off from my seasonal job) grocery shopping and cleaning like a mad woman.


Nope.  Saturday was the day the lights went out in Guildwood (my neighborhood).  21:53 or 9:53pm is the timestamp in my mind when the lights flickered and turned off.  My first thought? Bummer, no Saturday Night Live Christmas special oh well, I’ll google that in the morning for the funny parts.


Except the lights didn’t come on in the morning, or the next morning, or the morning after that.  I later learned that an ice storm covering most of Ontario had left ice covered trees, snapped branches, and downed power lines.  Via Twitter I learned that officials to include the Mayor of Toronto (Rob Ford), the premier (Kathleen Wynn), and ward councilors (Paul Ainslie and Mitzie Hunter) knew the situation was becoming quite the mess….and with temperatures due to plummet over the next several days, a press conference was held (one of several) as the Mayor declared “We are not in a state of emergency. Everything that can be done is being done.”  We were asked to check on our neighbors and that getting power restored in 72 hours “won’t be possible folks.  Things have gotten better.”


Not sure how these officials thought residents without hydro would know this-especially in a ‘senior-ific’ area like Guildwood.  Not many residents here own a smartphone so they didn’t know that power could potentially take days to restore, or that there were warming centres available to them.  Many residents bundled up, threw on an extra blanket or 3 and probably thought “Hey we will laugh about this when it’s over tomorrow.”


Well. For some, it’s NOT over.  Some residents of Guildwood are now 90 hours strong with no hydro.  NONE.   Merry Christmas taxpayers who have worked their entire lives and are just trying to live.  But never fear, This is not an emergency.


I’ll spare you the details….but to fill in some gaps, Toronto Hydro called in additional help from other cities in Canada and the U.S.  I’ll give them that-at least they realized they were overwhelmed.  But here’s where things go sideways:


  1. Additional bodies were brought in-but 5 days of no hydro?
  2. Officials/Leadership did travel the neighborhoods. In suits. For photo ops.
  3. Hydro workers picked up and left an area of Guildwood, leaving several homes without power stating that another area was ‘higher priority’-WHAT?


Gee Mitzie Hunter you sure look warm, mind sparing a coat with that handshake?

Gee Mitzie Hunter you sure look warm, mind sparing a coat with that handshake?

Because EVERYONE who is ANYONE wears a suit to a clean up area.  AND DOES NO WORK.

Because EVERYONE WHO IS ANYONE shows up to a worksite IN A SUIT. AND DOES NOTHING.


oh wow….do you think this merry group sang Christmas carols?  When do you think they’re dropping their next album?

recently added: And let’s not  forget Deputy Mayor Norm Kelly…..who TOOK OFF FOR FLORIDA IN THE MIDDLE OF IT ALL.  For that reason, no photos available.  Did you think we wouldn’t find out about this Norm? REALLY?

Now, I’m no ‘crisis management expert’ BUT I would think that a contingency plan in a metropolis of this size would be an essential piece of an inclement weather puzzle? Toronto’s “leadership” has failed its residents. On SO. MANY. LEVELS.   During the holidays.  Even worse.   Let me continue:


  1. Warming Centres aren’t appropriate for everyone-what about people with dogs? How about newborns or elderly with fragile immune systems that shouldn’t be exposed to large numbers of people?
  2. How did people who don’t speak English know about the tragedy? Oh wait, they were the ones being carted off to hospital after trying to heat their homes with a BBQ and becoming consumed with carbon monoxide.


In addition, there were reports of homes being burglarized, which is (again) MORE tragic during the ‘holiday season.’  No police presence….but that’s because THIS IS NOT AN EMERGENCY.


This incident continues to have many residents of Guildwood scratching their heads and wondering “What have I done to deserve this?”  Toronto’s ‘leadership’ do you have an answer?


I know (here) I am primarily speaking for Guildwood  but I’ll open this up to anyone who had to endure this. I need some answers.   I need officials and leadership to take accountability and to sincerely and humbly apologize to residents for the gross mishandling.


just a note-the people sitting in the dark and freezing cold voted you into your seats ward councilors Ainslie and Hunter, Premier Wynn, and Mayor Ford. So before you tweet me talking about everything you’ve done in this disaster Mitzie, stop for a moment and think about that. Also think twice before you send me a tweet from your nice warm home.

 EDIT:  Residents have told me that Paul Ainslie has been out in the neighborhood and remained very ‘present’ during this incident and have asked me to remove his name in negative connotations.  Neighbors-noted and done.

You also owe your residents a thorough and comprehensive debrief….you know one of those ones where everyone gathers in an auditorium and there are 2 microphones in the crowd space and you all sit up at the front behind a long table.  Because you can’t seem to figure this one out, I’ll do you a solid-Here’s who needs to be there:

1.  Mayor Rob Ford

2. Premier Kathleen Wynn

3. Anthony Haines, CEO Toronto Power

4. Mitzie Hunter

5. Paul Ainslie

6. Norm Kelly who ran off to Florida

7. News anchors and cameramen

8.  People of Guildwood-and they need to be given a way to get there-get a bus, you ARE able to do that.

And you have to be prepared and accept ALLLLLLL of our criticism and anger AND frustration with grace.  And THEN you have to present us with a real gift…..a PLAN.  One that you put some thought into and that you’ve had reviewed with an organization that specializes in crisis management.


I’m all for history not repeating itself and I know that mistakes get made.  It’s time for Leadership to give a d*mn and for residents to demand that basic and common respect.  Residents are the reason that officials are in office and it’s time to send a very clear message. I’m challenging Toronto’s officials and leaders to start caring and propose this be a new initiative (although it should’ve been all along).


This has been a very memorable holiday season indeed.


Oh the places I’ve been……the shOws TO!

This post made possible by the wonderful people at MSL group- #beautyunited!

My blog is mostly beauty oriented but occasionally I’ll venture into the fashion world.  I was absolutely delighted to learn that I had won tickets to the first night of the shOws in Toronto on October 9th.  This show was held at Andrew Richards designs and I have to say that this was the BEST use of this space that I have ever seen!   In case you didn’t know (and I know I didn’t),  here’s a little blurb from the website:

“Our aim is to put the spotlight on Canadian Designers, Hair and Makeup Artists and Models and build a property that benefits not only our designers, artists and retailers but also our supportive sponsors, by showcasing the very best of Canadian talent at home and abroad to our media, buyers and stylists.

The purpose of The ShOws is to bring together our most talented and creative Canadian designers each season and allow them to present their collections here in Toronto to the fashion industry without incurring any production costs themselves. We want to support them here at home and give them every possible opportunity to continue to build their brands.”

I was selected to participate in backstage interviews….and I’m sure you have seen it before, but in case you have not, it can be described as ‘beautiful chaos.’  Here’s my point of view:


I was also delighted to attend the Bellavance and Calla fashion shows…..every seat was a good one, and I can now truly appreciate the work that goes into the behind the scenes setup.  I also realized that when I attend future fashion shows, I will be bringing my SLR camera in order to capture the models, as well as my digital recorder (although I prefer a notebook and pen! That’s my generation X speaking).

So let’s get to the important stuff-the photos!

The looks:





IMG_0492IMG_0495IMG_0493Hair& Makeup-Bellavance:

-Justin created a ‘shaved head’ appearance by pulling the hair to one side, and braiding it underneath (see photo above) to keep the hair in place.  I remember when a ton of my classmates did that for REALS in the 90’s.  This look is fresh!

-Amelie used Cover Girl flamed out pencils in a thicker line underneath the eye to “open it up.”  The Cover Girl clean whipped makeup foundation was used to keep the face fresh. I’m loving the ‘modern matte’ finish of this particular foundation.  Cover Girl Smoochies were used on the lips.




Hair & Makeup-Calla:

-Braids, braids, braids everywhere!  The string/fabric was woven in-slightly boho-chic!

-Makeup was clean and uncomplicated, but complimenting the hair and clothing.


*Yes these runway looks were achieved using Cover Girl and Pantene products!*

And now, the runway-and I point out (again) this is the main reason for my upcoming shift to a higher grade camera/recording device!


It was a fantastic evening, that’s for sure-I am so grateful to Jennifer, Alyssa and the lovely people at MSL group for giving me the opportunity to attend.  Also, huge shout outs to all the designer talent, as well as Justin and Emelie!  It was a night to remember!



I can’t get enough of……In the Buff Spa!


I won’t lie, this post may have a very positive slant….after all, I do know Naomi Mundy fairly well. But that won’t stop me from telling you about the treatment I received in an unbiased manner-just note, that I truly did enjoy the treatment and that should resonate in this post.


Regrets-Ritz Carlton Spa in Toronto, Ontario

I usually abide by the adage “You get what you pay for.”  Sometimes all the bells and whistles can’t make up for simply average service.  If that doesn’t set the tone for the rest of this post, I don’t know what will.


Everything’s better in HD! My HD brow treatment at SITAMAA day spa!

I have struggled with my brows for a loooooooong time.  I’ve asked for help with my brows from several makeup counters and even taken a workshop on my brows.  Has that gotten me into a better brow routine? Nope!  The furthest I go with my brows is to pencil them in and hope for the best.

image from winning at

image from winning at


Adventures in styling with Aveda-Born to Style 2013!

I was fortunate enough to merely attend the last Born to Style competition at the Aveda institute in Toronto and it was a blast being in the midst of SO.MUCH.TALENT.

Aveda is once again calling all those talented, passionate individuals with a “flair for hair” to apply for their scholarship. This is an absolutely fantastic opportunity for someone who feels a “calling” to coiff everyone they see into perfection!

I know this means YOU so why don’t you check out the contest details here


Honestly, if you were BORN to style, then what could possibly be better than winning your tuition? Seriously? It’s the ultimate!

Aveda has definitely ‘upped the ante’ by offering extra incentives to ‘early bird’ entries-in the form of gift cards!

Winning your tuition could be as easy as these 3 steps:

1.  Make a video!  Create a video to show us why you are born BORN TO STYLE and why you’ve got the talent, passion and determination it takes to develop your hairstyling skills with the Aveda Institute Canada.

2. Upload and Share! Click on Enter Contest to upload your video. Share your Aveda Institute entry page with your network of family, friends, fans and followers. Get them to vote for your video. The entry with the most votes secures an automatic spot in the final Hair Showdown, so make sure to share your talent with the world!

3.  Hair Showdown! An esteemed panel of hair and beauty professionals will hand pick four aspiring hairstylists in each city as well one spot will be slotted for people’s choice to advance to the final round. These future hairdressers will participate in a live head-to-head competition and runway show putting together two complete looks in front of a panel of style experts and hairstyling heavy hitters. The winner in each city will be awarded a full scholarship to the Aveda Institute hair school!

There’s so much waiting for you at the Aveda Institute!

Entry details and more information can be found here!