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Weekly makeup basket recap!!!

1. Marcelle CC cream 12 in 1 benefits (which I won’t list here) but my favorite things about it include:  evens out skintone, controls shine, SPF 35, offers *better* coverage than most North American CC creams.
2.  Marcelle DD cream 10 in 1 benefits. My favorite things about it include: tightens pores, evens and smoothes skin tone, controls shine, SPF 25, improves radiance.  This is the product I used when I decided to brave the cold!
3.  Urban decay b6 vitamin infused complexion prep spray. I love this spray and a lot of people don’t.  I like it because:  it reduces redness, minimizes pores, and absorbs oil.
4.  Annabelle mineral powder blush.  Sadly, I don’t believe this product is made anymore?  I couldn’t find it on the website.  However, if you do some quick googling, you may still be able to find it for sale (ebay, amazon).  I do like it very much-haven’t used a loose powder blush in FOREVER.  It’s the right amount of pigment and the color is beautiful.
5. Annabelle eyeshadow quad in chai chai chai.  If you are a neutral lover, then this is a ‘must-have’ for you.  This quad looks amazing with any eye color.  The eyeshadows are very soft and buttery (I’d compare them to Urban Decay naked eyeshadow formula), and do NOT disappoint in terms of pigment and payoff.  Absolutely beautiful and high quality for a drugstore brand. VERY IMPRESSED.
6.  Annabelle twist up crayon in Absolute.  Even if you don’t like the color of this crayon, there are over 20 shades to choose from.  I’m a huge fan of crayons-mainly because they are super portable, and easy to apply.  I haven’t checked the entire collection out, but I have several of these and this is one of my favorites.
8..  Marcelle mascara waterproofing top coat.  This is a genius idea.  Now I can wear my favorite non-waterproof mascara and not have to worry about raccoon eyes!

My favorites from…….Urban Decay!

As a loyal, loyal UDPP user for several years, it’s only right that I talk about Urban Decay.  They have SO SO many items and I have so few of them.  As I write now, I remember that I have forgotten to take a photo of one of my favorite Urban Decay Tools (the Good Karma brush).  So while my sampling of favorites may seem small, keep in mind that I’ve got a lot of love for UD.


So of course, it wouldn’t be a UD favorites post without featuring an eyeshadow palette or thirty.  I’ve selected the NAKED 2 and NAKED basics.  My NAKED palette bit the dust but I’m going to circle back and pick up another because I’ve found that these shades just work.  And when I say they work, I mean with almost everything.  They blend so easily, they are rich and soft, well pigmented and play well with others.  I’ve been working a lot with my basics palette and using those shadows as crease colors and transition shades (which I still need help with so if you have any tips, leave me a comment below!).  Anyhow, these are beyond swatch-worthy and any self respecting makeup lover should have one of them in his/her arsenal.  I also like that UD makes palettes in a wide array of price ranges….so if you can’t afford the vice 2 or smoked palette, you could pick up the ammo palette and still have a nice selection of eye shadows.  Anyhow, enough of me, let’s look at the palettes:

NAKED 2 palette

NAKED 2 palette

NAKED Basics palette

NAKED Basics palette

And what better to apply these lovely shadows with then an eyeshadow primer?  Urban Decay Primer Potion is an absolute staple for me. I don’t apply eyeshadow without it.  It’s what works for my lids….and I’ve tried a LOT of products (there is one product that comes close and if you want to know about that, let me know in the comments below).  I love that UDPP comes in a variety of finishes….the one I’m using now is ‘Eden’ but I also love the original and am dying to try Sin.

Urban Decay Primer Potion-I always get the *large* size

Urban Decay Primer Potion-I always get the *large* size

Finally, something new from UD that’s come into my life recently that I don’t want to do without are the Revolution lipsticks.  These lipsticks have MAJOR stay power but are still hydrating and don’t pull on your lips during application.  I think I am the only person on the planet who didn’t get the shade, 69 but whatever. There are 22 of them and I’ll work my way through them eventually. I love love LOVE this one:

Revolution lipstick in Rush

Revolution lipstick in Rush

And there you have it…..

I know you must have tried Urban Decay-what are your favorites? Tell me below!




Gift idea for the beauty in YOUR life-Urban Decay Naked 2 palette

These palettes have been raved about and raved about!  Rightfully so….who couldn’t use a palette full of high quality neutral eye shadows?


The Naked 2 palette contains 12 “never boring” neutrals in matte, shimmer AND glitter textures.  This palette can produce many looks from everyday to going out!  There is also a full size double ended crease/shadow brush and a miniature lip gloss in the shade Naked.

I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t love this palette as a gift!

Find the Naked 2 palette on sephora.com (retail $60.00 CAD) or on the Shopping Channel ($60.00 CAD)


Tool Talk- Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

I rarely (if ever) talk too much about my brushes.  The main reason for that is the majority of them aren’t all that special.  I have a few “special” brushes-some that I have overpaid for (MAC 187) and some that I have waited entirely too long for (Sigma F82) only to have them disappoint in more than one manner.

Introducing the Urban Decay Good Karma Optical Blurring Brush

I was reading Alicia’s blog and she mentioned the UD Good Karma brush.  Here’s what she said about it AND I QUOTE (ahem)

“This medium sized, synthetic brush is the perfect brush for blending foundation into the skin. Using small circular motions, the brush’s dense head “flawlessly applies, buffs and blurs” your foundation, leaving no streak marks or lines of ‘de-markation’.  While the Optical Blurring Brush is lauded as a foundation brush, I have also been using it to apply my bronzer and blush, and find that it works well with both liquid and powder products. Like all of Urban Decay’s products, this brush is vegan and completely cruelty-free.”

And from Sephora.ca:

“Developed for use with Naked Skin Weightless Ultra Definition Liquid Foundation, this brush picks up and distributes all formulations from liquid to cream to powder makeup better than a sponge. The “optical blurring” comes in when you buff out your makeup: instead of a streaky finish from fingers or a sponge, buffing disperses the light-diffusing particles in Naked Skin and seemingly fine lines disappear. It’s blending ability makes it ideal for mature skin, as it creates a smooth, youthful-looking appearance. The medium-large brush with densely packed hairs has a domed top that maneuvers nicely around the face, making it suitable for under the eye, around the nose, and around the brow area.”

I picked up this brush 2 days before I went on vacation and took it with me.

I’m sure glad I did!  I am loving this brush and have no complaints!

It’s wonderful for my liquid foundation and it has the perfect amount of flexibility for me-it’s not completely flexible but not incredibly stiff or inflexible.  The price point doesn’t make my wallet burst into flames either!  I’ve used it with my bronzers like Alicia suggested but I prefer it for my liquid foundation at the mo’  Perhaps in the near future, I will purchase another with the intent of that brush being exclusively for powders-hey at $26.00 CAD, I can get another.

Another “positive”-great reviews on sephora.com

So like I said, I don’t tool talk often, but I had to tell you about this brush.  It’s the right price and gives fabulous face!  BUY IT!

Oh, one more thing-check Alicia’s review here-it made her September favorites.



2011 Beauty Favorites!

I have been seeing a lot of  bloggers posting about their 2011 favorites!  There are so many great posts I’ve had to start a list of products that I want to check out.  I want to express my appreciation for the time it takes beauty bloggers to write posts-especially reviews and tutorials.  I know that an incredible amount of work goes into making videos and posting reviews.  I am so glad to know you and truly value your opinions/advice.  I don’t buy ANY beauty products without checking out what bloggers have to say about them!  It’s the only way!