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Makeup Basket Monday (and last week debrief)!

I am really starting to love these… should be interesting this go around. I am going to attempt to use my longwear makeup (Perfection Lumiere from Chanel). I have a very ‘varied’ basket this week-BB creams, high end foundation, asian products. Good times!

Various hauls throughout the week!

Short but sweet….I have been shopping this week.  I still have some random items that I will have to photograph.  I haven’t used anything I bought to the point that I can write an ‘objective’ review on it (yet).  So here are the photos:


How much is too much?

So my bachelorette days are over…..and while I don’t consider myself a slob, I won’t say I kept my living space ‘spic and span’ over the past month!  I am on the fast track to clean at the moment.  So far, I have taken care of the major issues-garbage is picked up and thrown away, sink is shining!