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Thomas Sabo F/W 2014 preview!

I don’t like to say too much when I post Thomas Sabo photos.  I feel like what I say either doesn’t do the photo justice or distracts from the photos.  So, I’ll get everything out at the beginning and let you all drool over the photos. All sorts of fabulousness came together from all corners of the GTA to celebrate the launch of the new sterling silver Glam & Soul, Karma beads, watches and some new additions to the Rebel at Heart collections.  This was a fantastic event and a kind of ‘tradition’ that I would like to say I’m getting used to because I love it so much! Faulhaber Communications pulled out all the stops.  I have some favorite pieces and I’m sure you do too. I’d love to read what they are, so make sure you post in the comment section below!



One of my favorite pieces

One of my favorite pieces

hand model Melissa shows off a beautiful ring....

hand model Melissa shows off a beautiful ring….

Hand Model Kate displays my other favorite piece in this collection....hopefully it will be mine soon!

Hand Model Kate displays my other favorite piece in this collection….hopefully it will be mine soon!

One of several collections of gorgeous-ness!

One of several collections of gorgeous-ness!

Let’s not forget about the food….*almost* as beautiful as the jewellry.  Lots of thought put into display-check it out:

Macaron tree....look how many have already been claimed!

Macaron tree….look how many have already been claimed!


It's the little touches.....

It’s the little touches…..


Finally, a shot of me and my beautiful companions for the evening-do they know how to dress/pose or what? Professionals…..


And because I’m a stickler like that, a shout out to Liz at Me and T studio for my nails, which coordinated perfectly with my dress:


This event was well done-I didn’t doubt it would be.  I highly HIGHLY encourage you to check out the new pieces from Thomas Sabo-there is truly something for everyone and every taste.

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Huge thank you to Faulhaber Communications for inviting me to this event. I always enjoy it and appreciate all of your efforts in putting this together.


G Fox Gems bling!

Several weeks ago, Paola (of tea tree water review fame on this blog) let me in on a little secret….that she knew someone that had a jewelry store that sold (among other things) watches!  And not just ANY watches, but the type that are so en vogue right now-similiar to my beloved Toy Watch.  The only difference being the AWESOME price!

She gave me the website and away I went.  First there was one….and currently I am up to 4-check it out:

Yes I have 4 and no I don't wear all of them at the same time, but it would still be cool if I did!

And just in case you needed another perspective:

You can't' tell me these are anything but fabulous!

I am in love with my G Fox Bling!  Granted some of these went back into the package they came in after the photograph-as they will be gifted.  For the price, you can’t go wrong….and psssst!  Let me tell you another secret….they usually have a sale going on.

Looks like you really CAN have it all-with G. Fox!

You won’t be sorry!  🙂