Eight reasons to love eight body moisture!

How excited (and grateful) was I to receive a package from Katie at ebeauty.ca!  It looked like this:

My goodies from ebeauty.ca!

So, of course-which product(s) to review first? I decided to start with the eight body moisture in Ginger Lime.  I didn’t have high expectations-I mean, it’s a body lotion, right? I use lotion every day, usually twice a day and have used everything from drug store to bath and body works to high end department store lotions.

The face behind the brand is Vicki Weaver-Payne who attributes her fabulous lotion to her mother, Ida Wanda Burns.  Ida created a lotion for women who suffer from itchy, dry skin (isn’t that most of us ladies?) with eight ingredients at her own kitchen sink!

Vicki states that:

“Eight Skincare will leave your skin supple and moist-waiting to be touched.”

That’s a pretty strong claim, Vicki.

The directions say to ” Apply daily and experience the restoration and renewal of your skin.  For extra dry areas, apply generously.”

I’ve been using this lotion for just about 2 weeks now.

Eight Body Moisture in Ginger Lime

eight body moisture in Ginger-Lime.


Oh let me sing the praises of eight body moisture:

1.  Ingredients-Why the name ‘eight’?

Eight Skincare products are created around eight core ingredients:

Aloe Vera: moisture
Vitamin E: slows aging
Jojoba Oil: promotes new cell growth
Evening Primrose Oil: anti-inflammatory
Monoi Oil: rehydrates
Sweet Almond Oil: natural beauty
Emu Oil: anti-aging
Apricot Kernel Oil: tones/firms

Other essential ingredients include:  Lanolin: moisture
Rice Bran Oil: smooth skin
Lavender Oil: calms
Sunflower Oil: vitamins a b d e
Wheat Germ: cell formation
Avocado Oil: moisture

2.  Regimen-while I don’t own all of the eight products, I have started dry brushing again, which is soooo good for the body!  Joy McCarthy, one of my fave nutritionists did a video about dry brushing.  Below, is from the eight body moisture website:

Each Eight product can be used separately. However, to experience the Eight hydrating treatment, use the products as follows:

1. Dry Brush body
2. Have a warm shower and cleanse with Eight Crème Body Wash
3. Exfoliate and soften with Eight Sugar Scrub
4. Lightly towel dry and apply Eight Body Moisture

3. Packaging. While I am a sucker for the ‘bells and whistles’ in regards to my beauty products, the beauty in eight products is in the simplicity.  Black and white with a clean, fresh logo.  The bottle is easy to maneuver and the perfect size.  Instructions, directions, ingredients are on the back and easy to read.  The product dispenses easily.

4.  Light, refreshing scent. When I read “Ginger-Lime”, I immediately thought this would smell like a Bath and Body Works product.  However, I was wrong-if I had to compare it another brand, I would say it’s slightly reminiscent of Jo Malone but eight has this fresh (possibly urban?) twist on it.  I wish there was a perfume or body mist to go along with it!  I love the scent-it’s not heavy-it smells pretty (if that even makes sense).

5.  Non-competitive! How great is it that this product actually states (on the back of the bottle) that this will not compete with your fragrance?  That is one of my BIG pet peeves-having to wear a fragrance free lotion in order to not have my perfume smell wonky.  Apparently, the combination of essential oils produces a light scent when applied, but then dissipates! Love!

6. Applies like a dream!  Another one of my lotion ‘issues’ is runny, thin lotion.  That is not this product! I am not a fan of the ‘a little goes a long way’ school of thought (as that contradicts my slathering-on-the-lotion-is-luxurious mentality).  However, after using the eight Ginger-Lime, I realized that I don’t need a handful.  I also adore the fact that I don’t have to buff this into my skin, a light rub and it’s in there!

7. Versatility.  Referencing the back of the bottle- “eight is effective for dry skin, or an after-sun moisturizer, massage lotion, shaving lotion or after-shave conditioner.”  So far, I have used it as an every day lotion, and after sun.

8.  Duration.  I can’t say that I have extremely dry skin but I did notice that my elbows were significantly softer after using eight.  I do have to reapply the lotion to certain areas (like my feet), but for the majority of my 8 hour work day, my body is moisturized!


Overall, I have to say I love this product! I will use it until it’s gone.  My only ‘complaint’ is that there (currently) isn’t any perfume/fragrance mist.  I see a body oil but don’t know if that would be a substitute.  I may try the scrub/body wash.  The scent is fabulous, it works, and it got me to start dry brushing again.

Ladies, take care of your bodies-we only have one!

Huge thank you’s to Katie from ebeauty.ca for providing me with this to review. And p.s.- if you haven’t checked out ebeauty and you live in Canada, you need to! They have all sorts of ‘hard to find’ beauty items.  Go there!

Also, thanks to Vicki Weaver-Payne for creating a fantastic line of products that work!

Check out Eight skincare:  www.eightskincare.com


*product sent by ebeauty.ca for review.  All opinions are my own*




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